A budget of 3.96 billion dirhams, 126,000 beneficiaries

In Morocco, widows represent 9.8% of women aged 15 and over, i.e. 1,198,085 widows (39%), including 465,802 female heads of household, according to the general population and housing census of 2014. In addition, 832,199 of widows aged 15 and over are disabled (i.e. 17%), said the Ministry of Solidarity of Social Integration and the Family.

The direct assistance program for widowed women in vulnerable situations with dependent orphan children has received grants from the Support Fund for Social Protection and Social Cohesion in the amount of approximately 3.96 billion dirhams (MMDH), of which 613 million dirhams (MDH) mobilized until the end of September 2022.

This was revealed by the government in a report on private treasury accounts annexed to the 2023 finance bill, currently being discussed in Parliament. This same report indicated that the number of beneficiaries of the Widows Support Fund reached, as of September 29, 2022, a total of 126,460, in addition to some 214,000 orphans.

As for the expenditure resources of the Social Protection and Social Cohesion Support Fund, the report of the special accounts of the Treasury recorded an average annual increase estimated, respectively, at 10.75% and 10.80% during the the period 2019-2021.

In this regard, the government indicated that as part of efforts to strengthen social operations targeting the vulnerable population, the year 2022 was marked by the continued implementation of social programs financed by the Fund, noting that Pending the reform of these programs as part of the generalization of social protection projects, the Fund has contributed since its creation until September 2022, with more than 29.90 billion dirhams.

With regard to the royal initiative A million schoolbags “, the document reveals that this program benefited from a total amount of approximately 2.54 billion dirhams transferred from the Social Protection and Social Cohesion Fund, including 322 million dirhams for the year 2021.

As for the Assistance Program for Persons with Specific Needs, the Support Fund for Social Protection and Social Cohesion contributed approximately 1.11 billion dirhams for the period 2015-2022, an amount which was transferred to the benefit of the Entraide Nationale.

Regarding the program Taysir “, the report indicates that within the framework of the endowments of the Support Fund for Social Protection and Social Cohesion, an amount of 9.79 billion dirhams was allocated to this program, of which more than 8.2 billion dirhams for the period 2014-2021 and approximately 1.56 billion dirhams for the year 2022.

In order to support the implementation of the RAMED basic medical assistance program, the government has confirmed that more than 12.20 billion dirhams have been mobilized under the Social Protection and Social Cohesion Support Fund, of which 2.10 billion dirhams for the year 2021, more than 7.40 billion dirhams were donated to university hospital centers (CHU) and the National Health Insurance Agency (ANAM), and more than 4, 76 billion dirhams for the benefit of “central pharmacy special account» for the acquisition of medicines and medical supplies.

The private treasury accounts report appended to the PLF 2023 also noted that the extension of this system until September 29, 2022, enabled it to reach approximately 18.44 million beneficiaries (i.e. more than 7.72 million of registered families).

With regard to the support fund for the services of competition, supervision, consumer protection, market control and reserve savings, the resources of this fund for the period 2019-2021, including the balance brought forward, recorded an average annual decrease of 0.90%.

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