26% increase in landings at the end of September

Fishing: 26% increase in landings at the end of September

Landings of marketed products from coastal and artisanal fishing increased by 26% to 1,089,969 tonnes (T) at the end of September 2022, according to the National Fisheries Office (ONP). The value of these landings exceeded 7.45 billion dirhams (MMDH), up 9% compared to the end of September 2021, specifies the ONP in its recent report on coastal and artisanal fishing statistics in Morocco.

By species, landings of crustaceans and pelagic fish showed respective increases of 25% to 5,555 T and 33% to 969,351 T. On the other hand, landings of algae, shellfish, cephalopods and white fish fell respectively 53%, 52%, 9% and 7%.

By port, a total of 14,508 T of coastal and artisanal fishing products were landed in Mediterranean port entries at the end of September 2022, down 10%. In terms of value, these ports recorded a decline of 8% to 518.06 million dirhams (MDH).

For their part, landings at the ports located on the Atlantic increased, in weight, by 27% to 1,075,461 T and in value by 11% to more than 6.93 billion dirhams.

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