When Algiers wants to exploit the summit of the Arab League

As a prelude to the Arab League summit which should be held, barring yet another cancellation, at the beginning of November in Algeria, the senile regime of Algiers has recently bet on the organization of a mini-summit bringing together Palestinian factions of all persuasions and number of actors supporting the Palestinian cause with the sole aim of associating the “Sahrawi cause” with the “Palestinian cause”.

The Algerian regime, which also does not want to miss the opportunity offered to it through the organization of the next summit of the Arab League in Algiers, is active through this preliminary meeting neither more nor less to restore its image, to the detriment of the Kingdom as usual we would be tempted to say.

The two senile of the “Muppet show made in Algeria” have, through the meeting to come, prepared a summit entering more and more in the perspective of the unlikely event. This meeting, in addition to violent diatribes against Morocco, is intended to be the dissemination of content on an international scale and in particular in Arabic from Algiers to “demonize” the Kingdom, compare it to Israel whose army is constantly to carry out attacks against pro-Palestinian militants.

To this end, a strong delegation from the Polisario front will be associated and involved in the work of this mini-summit with the aim of offering the Sahrawi separatists a broad platform and an unexpected space for expression with the aim of associating the “cause Sahrawi” to the “Palestinian cause”. The regime of the senile duo of Algiers believes, by encouraging the policy of crocodile tears, to achieve its ends by taking advantage of the suffering of the Palestinians. To do this, 100 million dollars here, drawn moreover from the pockets of the Algerians, will do the trick, believe the general in childbirth and the president with an unpronounceable name.

And go ahead, let me prepare you for this offensive as well as possible! during this mini-summit for which the senile Algerian regime guarantees an unprecedented success, it goes without saying that it is expected that the actors of this “revolutionary” forum will indulge in violent diatribes going as far as to compare the Israeli occupation in Palestine to the Moroccan occupation in Western Sahara.

A political “opportunism” from Algiers, which the Statlers and Waldorfs, the two puppets on the balcony of the Muppet show made in Algeria, absolutely want to inculcate in the minds of Arab opinions and regimes. Unfortunately, the image of a Morocco assimilated to Israel, “the wicked country that kills, oppresses and massacres innocent people” does not have this “receptive” effect, so to speak, that we will retain in the eyes of Arab nations.

Morocco is a sovereign state let the senile regime of Algiers say so! Also, the range of content of very bad prejudices against Morocco that the two filthy Algerian regime encourages the massive dissemination and moreover in Arabic on an international scale from Algiers with the ambition to harm Morocco, is certainly doomed to failure. Using the Palestinian cause to restore its image is not customary in the Kingdom. Morocco’s position with regard to the Palestinian cause is well established. The Kingdom has been committed to it for a long time, and this, beyond slogans and other circumstantial talk as is the case for the senile regime of Algiers.

Also, it is an understatement to say that big clouds hang over the Arab Summit, scheduled for next November in Algeria, even if Algiers has assured that all the Arab countries have confirmed their participation. But between us, no one believes him anymore in the diplomatic spheres of Algiers as far as the relevance of maintaining the organization of this Summit in Algeria is concerned. Algeria, which claims to defend the Palestinian cause more and better than all the states in the region, took the liberty of blocking the declarations of support of these groups from which it now wants to take advantage, at the UN.

But no need to go back in time, the Algeria of its masters, in its rage against Morocco and all hatred deployed, through its diplomacy and its press under the orders of the senile of Algiers have always attacked the Kingdom, suddenly of lies, perfidy and pettiness which in the end, like the effect of a boomerang, rather harmed the image of Algeria. As for the Moroccan Sahara, it will remain eternally across the throat of the Algerian regime, which does not realize, in fact, that it is shooting itself in the foot to exploit the Palestinian question and, in particular, the Al Quds Committee. chaired by King Mohammed VI.


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