violent tribal clashes amid drug trafficking

The sentencing of the son of the “minister” of the Polisario militia reservists Mohamed Lamine Bouhali to fifteen years in prison, Sidi Ahmed Ould Mohamed Lamine El Bouhali known as “Souiddah”, inflamed the camps and particularly that of Rabouni supposed to house the Polisario administration in Tindouf and since then, no respite.

His father’s favorite pays for his penchant for drug and arms trafficking, but above all for having overshadowed the gangs controlled by Brahim Ghali & Co. In short, as soon as the heavy sentence announced against this alleged son of a Polisarian eminence and moreover intimate of Chenegriha since affinity and a little more, here is a gathering of circumstances forming to turn into wild protest.

The “civil” disobedience of the sequestered quickly spread to the other camps around Tindouf in Algeria, even pushing the separatist militiamen in charge of order in the camps to take to their heels in the face of the magnitude of the popular rebellion. There is no doubt that the very respectful ANP of a muscular intervention kindly manifested itself, although pronto presto, history trying to restore calm, in vain it seems, since the mayhem remained until today today. Pointed out in this dispute characterized, the tribes Reguibat-Lahcen-Ouhmad of which, the Algerian, Mohamed Lamine Bouhali comes from one of them.

Relatives of the daddy’s boy suddenly took over the seat of the so-called “Ministry of Defence”, for which the father was responsible “when the man was still whispering in the ears of his masters” before being ousted like a filthy person in 2012. That said, furious daddy cake with a headache went to besiege the SG of the polisario, exclaiming “Where is Mouinatou (allusion made to Brahim Ghali)? Call him on me”. These incidents come a few weeks after the outbreak of tribal conflicts which had led to shootings and burning of Gendarmerie and police headquarters (involving different groups of the Reguibat tribe – of which Brahim Ghali (Ouled Taleb) is a member – and the forces The time has come for the settling of accounts by interposed tribes in the Tindouf camps, with the aim of no more and no less than the control of the smuggling of arms and armed groups, as well as the drug circuits , human trafficking, control of terrorism and all the other violations that go with it.

Needless to say, the battle for power in the camps is meant to be fierce. It is that the rag is burning again between Brahim Ghali and Mohamed Lamine Ould El Bouhali who did not appreciate that his rival condemned his cherub to him. But the dispute between him and his best enemy is not new. Indeed, this type of incident is more and more frequent in view of the differences that separate them. This situation is neither more nor less than the reflection of a struggle to get their hands on arms smuggling and drug trafficking. The exchanges of fire are, ultimately, a way of life between the supporters of the two clans.

As always, this forces the Algerian army to intervene to calm things down. Unfortunately, until now, the regime of senile people in Algiers has not managed to reconcile the other couple of senile people, that of the south, Brahim Ghali or Ben Battouche for close friends and his leader of the “reserve militias” to the patent affinities of the very delicate favors of his beloved Chenegriha. In the Tindouf camps, the gangs close to the two eternal rivals clash regularly and fiercely for the control of drug and other trafficking. Often to avoid the murderous escalation, the ANP strongly present in the camps intervenes on instructions of the hierarchy to restore a little order.

Last February, the senile Muppet Show made in Algeria even sent a general to the Tindouf camps with the mission of reconciling the two adversaries, in open conflict for the control of drug trafficking and arms smuggling… in pointless, it seems. These activities traditionally benefit the clan of Brahim Ghali who, to do this, had appointed his followers to head military regions with the sole aim of profiting from this trafficking in drugs, arms, humans itou, itou. History does not say that the one who failed in his mission is still part of the ANP, or has not been thanked, or that he tastes the chaff of the military jails with which the barracks of Algeria are full.


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