The United States has failed in its commitment on the indivisibility of China

Chinese Ambassador to Morocco Li Changlin said the recent visit by American Nancy PeloifSpeaker of the House of Representatives in Taiwan, is “ a serious event“, judging that the United States has violated its commitment to the principle of indivisibility of China.

The unity of China and Taiwan is sacred and unshakable, said the Chinese ambassador during a press conference Thursday in Rabat to explain Beijing’s grievances against Washington. ” Taiwan belonged to China”he argued.

Washington has ” first violated the one-China principle, also violated the provisions of the 3 Sino-American joint communiqu├ęs“, he said, believing that Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan “has negatively impacted the political foundations of China-US relations.”

According to him, this visit, to which China responded militarily and strongly denounced diplomatically, ” undermined stability and security in the Taiwan Strait and sent a gravely erroneous message to secessionist forces seeking Taiwan independence.

In 1971, he recalled, and when discussing China’s return to the United Nations, “Morocco on behalf of the Arab countries had a declaration of support for China for the resumption of its place within the United Nations”.

And to emphasize that the one-China principle is a consensus of the international community and also a principle and also a fundamental norm governing relations between China and foreign countries.

For his part, Morocco’s Ambassador to China, Aziz Mekouar, reiterated the Kingdom of Morocco’s adherence to the one-China policy, as the foundation of relations between the two friendly countries.

“Morocco continues to support the People’s Republic of China on this issue and renews its positions expressed many times, at different levels, both bilaterally and within international organizations”did he declare.

Aziz Mekouar stressed that this membership is based on Morocco’s positions of principle which are marked by constancy, responsibility, credibility and reliability concerning respect for national sovereignty, territorial integrity and non-interference in internal affairs of other member countries of the United Nations.

China and the United States are bound to better manage their bilateral relations in light of the principles of win-win cooperation and peaceful coexistence, Li Changlin said.

To argue that “In relations between China and the United States, an established power and a rising power, bilateral relations are not easy to manage”.

“I think both are great powers that bear great responsibility in safeguarding global security and peace,” he said.

For the Chinese diplomat, among the punitive measures taken by Beijing against Washington, there are sanctions targeting Nancy Pelosi and her direct relatives, bilateral collaboration projects which have been suspended, especially in the military field and the repatriation of illegal immigrants, but also the cooperation in the fight against drugs and climate change.


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