The socialist group and its reformist imprint on the PLF 2023

The circular of directives from the Head of Government frames the general orientations, and sets the priorities for the ministerial sectors concerned to work on the preparation of their sub-budgets for the 2023 financial year. However, it is causing a stir with the Opposition.

Indeed, opposition groups in the House of Representatives continue to interact with the content of the document which sets August 31 as the deadline for sending proposals and sectoral budget forecasts. The last interaction came from the Socialist Group in the House of Representatives, in particular from the USFP, which positioned itself on the side of the opposition, reacting to the content of the document with a criticism that we know is not very tender with the words of the Chief Executive, and placing “ the preparation of the finance bill for the year 2023 in the general national context which should characterize it “.

The Socialist Group noted, with “ sadness and disappointment ” three fundamental elements: First, that the directives of the Head of Government ” were not imbued with a new reformist spirit “, but remained rather ” stuck in an economic logic dominated by the maintenance of major financial balances instead of strengthening the mechanisms of social balances required by the interest of our country in the current circumstances it is going through. The Socialist Group (USFP) reiterated its position, namely that in the House of Representatives, ” as a responsible opposition, it will strive to contribute constructively to the adoption of a finance law with a real social spirit, defending, among other things, human rights, economic and social gains for Moroccans, especially the poor and the middle classes”.

In a statement written by the group and which will ultimately end up in the hands of the President of the Chamber, the socialist group first recalled “the founding moments of the new development model (NMD) which obliges us not to waste political and governmental time to face the real challenges which arise, which the Kingdom encounters and which are of the economic and social order”. The Socialist Group confirms“that the country is faced with a finance bill whose development is controlled by the government”, which distorts the rules of the game. And this, contrary to the finance law of the current year, which will make him accountable for his ability to activate his government program on the basis of which he has won the confidence of Parliament.

As for the third part of the context, the socialist representatives add that Morocco “is not currently facing a way out of the crisis, represented in this by the rise in the prices of basic consumer goods and fuels, climatic fluctuations and the scarcity of water resources“. The Group further notes that the directives of the Head of Government, “aware of the nature of the general national context mentioned, do not deviate from the language of slogans in their organization of the priorities that they identify by strengthening the foundations of the social State, relaunching the national economy by supporting investment , by establishing territorial justice and restoring financial margins to ensure the sustainability of reformsThe Group stressed that “the Executive has maintained the same guidelines approved by the current finance law, and has brought nothing new with regard to the fundamental reforms that Moroccans expect from a government that claims to believe in the social state“.

And the head of the Socialist Group, the USFPéiste Abderrahim Chahid, continued in the same interaction: “We had hoped that the head of the executive would take the initiative to carry out fundamental and real reforms, first and foremost the activation urgent recommendations from the national debate on comprehensive tax reform to strengthen state resources and achieve tax justice. We do not believe, in the socialist team of the House of Representatives, that we will succeed in the effective transformation of finance laws with the same fiscal arsenal which has shown its limits and its total incapacity. And “apart from the two major national projects launched by King Mohammed VI in the areas of health and investment“, he indicated that he “hopes that the head of government can guide his management team towards the adoption of new social reinforcement measures, in particular to deal with inflation, protect the purchasing power of citizens and optimize the implementation of the Education Charter, training, sustainable employment, etc.“.

Our Group, concluded the socialist expressed his “hope that the government will seek to remedy these facts and reconsider the whole of general social policy, in a way that puts economic growth at the service of social development, and in a way that strengthens societal solidarity by general“, hoping that she will be, “the opportunity to present the finance bill for the year 2023“. In the eyes of Parliament during the next session, this is an opportunity for the government to correct its course through an essentially positive interaction with the parliamentary opposition, and by adopting a truly participatory and consensual approach for the benefit of the Kingdom.


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