The return phase promises to be under good auspices

Launched at the beginning of August, the return phase of Operation Marhaba 2022 is already in full swing. Indeed, our compatriots from July who have to return to their homes in their adopted country in Europe alternately with the Augustians are gradually returning, while taking care to take the necessary measures to avoid the inconveniences of the crossing such as the rush hour crowds, for example.

According to data published by the Moroccan port authorities, the return phase began slowly on August 1 and with less intensity. Also, we are pleased that the process went smoothly and without incident. This same data showed notable surges registered in fits and starts during this first week of return. To best facilitate the passage as well as the framework for the return of passengers from Operation Marhaba, the Tanger Med port offers a selection of the best dates, in order to avoid peak periods and has even established a busy schedule for the months of August and September. The intention is to facilitate the crossing to cope with the intensity of traffic during these two months and travel more easily.

The port authorities point out that the expected peaks are between August 25 and 31, during which a very high influx is expected. Rushes are also during periods that the authorities of Tanger-Med estimate between August 11 and 24, September 1 to 4 and September 8 to 11. They also indicated that, for passengers traveling on international transport buses, tickets must be confirmed at designated counters, located at the passenger terminal for a crossing as soon as possible.

It is still said that Moroccans crossing the strait use the port of Algeciras for the round trip at 60%, followed by the port of Almeria at 17%, then the port of Tarifa at 12%. On the other side and according to the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, it is expected that the greatest flow of passengers expected for this second phase of Marhaba 2022 or OPE 2022, will be at the level of departures from Morocco, from last days of August, benefiting from the establishment of a security system of 16,000 men on the Spanish side, in order to continue the return process in the best possible conditions until 15 September.

The Spanish Interior Ministry previously announced that more than a million travelers crossed the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain to Morocco from June 15 to July 25. Tangier alone received more than half. According to preliminary data from the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, as of July 25, 1,039,559 travelers have arrived in Morocco via Spain, an increase of 8% compared to the last Marhaba operation organized in 2019. The number of vehicles crossing the Mediterranean also increased, reaching 225,278, almost 15% more than the volume recorded in the same period of 2019.


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