The popular cultural heritage enhanced by the celebration of Baba Achour

The celebration of “Baba Achour” took place Sunday evening in Rabat, on the initiative of the Association meetings for education and culture, an opportunity to perpetuate authentic Moroccan culture and preserve popular cultural heritage.

Punctuated by popular songs that embody love, brotherhood and solidarity, played to the rhythms of “Taârija” and “Bendir”, this event was marked by the presence of mothers and children dressed in traditional Moroccan costumes. , as well as the various dishes prepared especially for this occasion.

The folkloric character of “Baba Achour”, anchored in Moroccan popular memory, was also present, with the aim of highlighting the intangible components of Moroccan culture and preserving the popular heritage of the Kingdom.

Speaking on this occasion, the president of the Association meetings for education and culture, Najima Thay-Thay, indicated that this celebration is an opportunity to breathe new life into Moroccan heritage, religious traditions as well as than to cultural habits.

Celebrating “Baba Achour” is also a religious, educational and cultural act specific to Moroccans, she noted, highlighting the role of the association in strengthening the link between the rising generations and their authentic Moroccan heritage.

At the same time, she highlighted the distinguished presence of the character of “Baba Achour”, in view of the place he occupies as a legendary figure engraved in the heritage memory of Moroccans, emphasizing that this character also symbolizes the rituals children’s parties, the exchange of family visits and gifts and the dissemination of the values ​​of love and tolerance.

The Association meetings for education and culture works to promote Moroccan intangible culture as well as the restoration of popular memory and the preservation of intangible cultural heritage.


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