The new Constitution adopted (official)

The Tunisian Electoral Commission announced on Tuesday that the new draft Constitution, which was submitted to referendum, has been validated by the votes of Tunisians. The new Basic Law of the country strengthens the powers of the president of the country, in this case Kais Saied, currently in charge.

Tunisia’s Electoral Commission announced Tuesday evening the adoption of the country’s new Constitution by a majority vote for the “yes”, expressed by more than 2.8 million voters who took part in the constitutional referendum.

Before the official and final announcement of the turnout figures, the Independent Higher Authority for Elections (Isie) had indicated that the turnout was “at least 27.54% of the 9.3 million registered “. In comparison, the last legislative elections in 2019 attracted 32% of voters.

The Tunisian institution, announced that the voting process “was conducted in accordance with the highest international standards” and that the vote “took place in a transparent and fair manner”.

The Commission also recalled the next electoral dates in the country, affirming that it is already preparing to organize them in accordance with the new Constitution which has just been validated.


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