The EU will support Morocco to the tune of 500 million euros

The European Union is preparing to increase by 50% the value of the financial aid intended for Morocco to fight against illegal immigration. According to several Spanish media, Brussels is currently finalizing the process of financial aid to fight against this phenomenon, the amount of which amounts to no less than 500 million euros.

Citing sources within the European Union itself, the Spanish media argue that this financial aid to fight the scourge of illegal immigration reinforces Rabat’s efforts and will cover the period 2021-2027. The same source specified that in view of the last amount received in this direction, some 343 million euros, Morocco will receive funds “never received in the pastfrom the European Union.

A source of “high levelto the EU revealed to the Spanish newspaperEl País“, that this new aid constitutes a strong signal to the growing role of Morocco as a partner “Very important “not only for Spain or France, but for the whole of the Union, adding that “this amount gives an idea of ​​the degree of ambition of Brussels, which contradicts Spain’s fears of neglecting the southern neighborhood of the country“.

The Spanish newspaper pointed out that the charter ratified for this aid, which is part of the program “European Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument(NDICI), will come into force next fall, and includes various provisions relating to projects for the integration and protection of refugees living in Morocco and raising awareness of the risks of illegal immigration.

In addition, this charter also includes forced return and police cooperation, including joint investigations, as well as the strengthening of cooperation with European Union agencies and the fight against human trafficking mafias, specifies the same source.

The negotiations on the 500 million euros of European aid have been going on for months, continues the media, which specifies that Morocco has maintained the high bar of its expectations and demands concerning the distribution of European funds, while Brussels wanted more Morocco’s commitments, particularly with regard to the readmission of its citizens who entered the European continent irregularly.

El Pais reported that Spain was pressing by land, sea and air to satisfy Rabat, which confirms spending some 435 million per year in the fight against illegal immigration, noting that the European Commission, according to diplomatic sources, has clearly stated that Morocco “must acquire a leading position in the Council of Immigration within the European Union“.

In addition, the same Spanish newspaper revealed that at a time when Algeria is excluded from this aid granted by the European Union, other North African countries involved in the fight against illegal immigration, in particular the Morocco, will benefit from it. Among his countries are those that the newspaper described as “main African partnersfrom Spain namely Gambia, Senegal and Mauritania.

The meeting between Abdelouafi Laftit, the Moroccan Minister of the Interior, with Fernando Grande Marlaska, the Spanish Minister of the Interior, and Ylva Johansson, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, last July, after the events in the enclave Spanish Melilla, has made it possible to agree to the modernization and expansion of cooperation between the two countries, in the field of migration and to include new means of combating human trafficking networks.


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