The DGAPR explains about the situation of Souleiman Raissouni

The General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR) on Monday provided an update on the situation of the journalist detained in the local prison Aïn Borja, Souleiman Raissouni.

She explains in this regard that the conditions of detention of the former editor of the newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum, who is serving a five-year prison sentence, ” are normal and his refusal to benefit from the walk, the family visit or to meet his lawyer is a personal decision which in no way involves the administration of the penitentiary establishment”.

The DGAPR specifies that in what it described as a response to ” untruths contained in a press release from the “Support Committee for Omar Radi, Soulaiman Raïssouni, Maati Monjib and victims of the violation of freedom of expression”, having already issued several clarifications about the situation of the aforementioned detainee in which she had denied the allegations made by his wife and relayed by certain parties who claim to defend human rights, according to which the detainee’s papers and books were torn up when he was transferred from the local prison Aïn Sbaâ 1 to the local prison Aïn Borja in the same city.

The DGAPR thus emphasizes that “the obstinacy of the said Committee in continuing to disseminate these nonsense and unfounded accusations illustrates the determination of their authors to undermine, not only the prison administration and its staff, but also the image of the Kingdom internally and external, even if it means serving as tools in the pay of foreign organizations and entities that have joined a hostile campaign in Morocco that coincides with the celebrations of the glorious Throne Day”.

These parties instrumentalize a set of files of detainees prosecuted in common law cases in an attempt to tarnish Morocco’s reputation in terms of human rights with suspect agendas, but known to all.“, further notes the DGAPR.

And to conclude that he “it has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the reports of these international organizations are prepared according to the interests of the countries whose agenda they serve, which makes them lose all credibility and objectivity”.

As a reminder, the “Support Committee for Omar Radi, Souleiman Raïssouni, Maati Monjib and victims of the violation of freedom of expression”, had denounced in a press release, the transfer of the journalist without any reason being given to him. given, and that in the process, “His prison diary and his novel project were damaged”.

To protest against these violations of his fundamental rights, Raissouni has decided to refuse to benefit from his right to visit his family, his right to communicate with his lawyers (except once) and his right to walk. was also pointed out.


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