The Alsa CRC received 7,213 calls between January and June, 41% of which were for information

The public carrier, Alsa, makes customer relations its priority for the next period. In Casablanca, the company has an expanded system to facilitate contact and discussion with its customers, in addition to a platform for daily monitoring of performance indicators.

In a press release, Alsa indicates that it has recorded a positive performance over the first 6 months of the year with a complaint resolution rate of around 100%.

According to the latest results shared by Alsa, the company’s customer relations center in Casablanca received 7,213 customer contacts between January and June. 41% of these calls are requests for information, 39% of the requests are complaints, 14% represent suggestions and 4% requests, the same source said, noting that the remaining percentage, although still small, has a great symbolism for the company and its teams.

2% of customers who contact the CRC do so to thank Alsa and its employees, especially drivers, for their work and commitment. A mark of trust that rewards the company’s commitment and encourages it to continue its efforts to consolidate its quality of service“, says the public transport company.

The reports also reveal a 100% complaint resolution rate, specifies Alsa, before adding that the follow-up of customer calls shows that 92% of people who contacted the CRC are very satisfied or satisfied with the handling of their request with a rating. complaints management service quality average of 8.70 .

A multi-channel device to facilitate contact and exchange

Since its arrival in Casablanca and taking charge of bus transport within the perimeter of the ECI Al Baida, Alsa indicates that it has made customer satisfaction a priority, noting that it has deployed great resources in setting up a system widened multi-channel allowing to establish and consolidate a direct, simple and effective link, with the people of Casablanca, thus investing in the creation of a customer relations center favoring listening, transparency and responsiveness in order to facilitate the contact and exchange, underlines the press release.

The CRC Casabus operated by Alsa is available 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. to discuss with advisers, and by voicemail open from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. via the number 0520 55 20 55, specifies Alsa.

The company indicates that it has also refurbished 5 commercial agencies with all the means of comfort, put a website online and invested in a mobile application which will soon be available.


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