The 22nd FNF pays tribute to five film professionals

The National Film Festival, whose 22nd edition will be held from September 16 to 24 in Tangier, pays tribute to 5 names in Moroccan cinema, namely filmmakers Izza Genini and Mohammed Abderrahman Tazi, producer Souad Lamriki, President of the Chamber Moroccan filmmaker, Al Hosein Boudih, and screenwriter, actor and journalist Ali Hassan.

Producer of Ahmed El Maanouni’s first film “Transes” (1981), Izza Genini has made several documentary films, including “Des Luths et délices” and “Aïta” (1988), “Vibrations en Haut-Atlas” and “Nuptiales en Haut -Atlas” (2004), “Songs for a Shabbat” (1989), “Beating Drums” (1999) and “Nûba d’or et de lumière” (2007), specifies the Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM).

For his part, Souad Lamriki, at the head of the production company “Agora Films”, has produced several foreign and Moroccan films, including the three feature films by Faouzi Bensaidi “Thousand Months”, “What a Wonderful World” and “Death for sale “.

Considered one of the pioneers of Moroccan cinema, Mohammed Abderrahman Tazi chairs the National Chamber of Film Producers. He made his first feature film “Le Grand voyage” in 1981, followed by “Badis” (1988), “A la recherche du mari de ma femme” (1993), “Lalla Hobby” (1996), “Les neighbors d ‘Abou Moussa’ (2003), ‘Al Bayra’ (2013) and ‘Fatema the unforgettable sultana’ (2022).

Currently president of the Moroccan Chamber of Cinemas, Al Hosain Boudih has been managing cinemas since 1961. Former member of the Support Commission for the digitization, renovation and creation of cinemas, he has participated in the jury of the fourth edition of the National Film Festival in Tangier (1995).

Radio and television journalist-host, screenwriter Ali Hassan is also an actor. He took part, as an actor, in the Moroccan feature films “Le Grand voyage” by Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi, “Afghanistan, why? by Abdellah Masbahi, “Haj Mokhtar Soldi” by Mostafa Darkaoui, “Free Men” by Ismaïl Ferroukhi.

Ali Hassan was also a member of the National Film Production Support Fund Commission (2012-2014).


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