Sunday water awareness platform

To encourage citizen action, civic and association activists are launching awareness campaigns here and there to warn about the current water situation in Morocco.

Innovative methods and many other initiatives will mark the next events. As such, on a hot and sunny day, yesterday Sunday on the Bouregreg Corniche in the capital, Rabat, the “Goutte d’Eau” association distributed flyers evoking the need to conserve water and raising awareness of the situation of the drought in Morocco. She also organized the supervision of an art workshop on a large canvas by the visual arts teacher Nadia Amarti for the purpose of convincing people of the need to review our many harmful behaviors which add to an already worrying situation.

Also, citizens and environmental activists dressed in blue T-shirts bearing the acronym “drop of water”, have, for three hours, dialogued with passers-by, and jointly designed a large canvas, which they signed or marked of their handprint. Environmental activists also collected feedback and other suggestions from citizens regarding solutions to preserve Morocco’s water wealth. That being said, activists and volunteers for the occasion raised awareness of the responsibility and protection of this wealth that is water in Morocco and that collective involvement was more necessary than ever.

Saïd Kharazi, the coordinator of “Goutte d’Eau” for this citizen action, told MoroccoLatestNews that “the campaign comes in interaction with the water crisis that Morocco is experiencing in light of the current drought situation which continues to persist “. He noted that direct communication with citizens has made it possible to identify citizen behavior vis-à-vis the effects of water as on the economy of the rest and many other areas that are concerned. Kharazi added that “citizens were receptive and responsive to the issue“.

The associative actor indicated that the organizers included the events in the form of a technical workshop, in which everyone signed their commitment to preserve the wealth of water and management ethics, adding that Rabat is a city with many water resources that must be preserved. According to Kharazi, the organizers have reviewed the many problems that mountaineers face in reaching a drop of water, and therefore it is necessary to combine efforts and move different age groups in order to preserve the “tomorrow’s oiland cause of future conflicts.

Corniche du Bouregreg: a Sunday platform for water awareness

The message to pass being the importance of environmental protection and therefore the preservation of water by crying out against waste, especially for young people and children. In this context, the Kingdom has experienced, from September 1, 2021 until today, average rainfall of between 16.4 mm and 325 mm, which represents a shortfall of 47% at the national level compared to the rate of precipitation.

The latter resulted in an estimated 85% deficit at the dams compared to the annual rate of imports, according to data obtained by MoroccoLatestNews. The situation was reflected in the national rate of filling of dams, since the volume of water stocks in the reservoirs until August 9 reached approximately 4.42 billion cubic meters, or 27.4% of rate total occupancy, compared to 42.8% recorded on the same date last year.


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