subscription of BDT for more than 1.92 billion dirhams

An amount of 1.925 billion dirhams (MMDH) was served out of a total of more than 2.8 billion dirhams, during the auction operation on Tuesday, August 16, according to the Treasury and External Finance Department (DTFE).

These are Treasury bonds (BDT) with a maturity of 13 weeks relating to 350 million dirhams (MDH), 100 MDH, 300 MDH and 200 MDH, subscribed respectively at the rates of 1.78%, 1.8%, 1.83% and 1.85%, and 52-week vouchers for an amount of 225 MDH at the rate of 2.066%, specifies the DTFE in a press release.

There are also 2-year bonds covering 750 MDH, subscribed at the rate of 2.257%.

The settlement of these bonds will take place on August 22, concludes the same source.


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