Students, cereals... Prikhodko Ukrainian diplomatic official says it all

In an interview with MoroccoLatestNews, Igor Prikhodko, Chargé d’Affaires and Senior Diplomatic Officer at the Ukrainian Embassy in Morocco in Rabat, said in an interview with MoroccoLatestNews that “there are permanent official contacts between the leaders of our two countries. I also held working sessions with officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and we are working to develop our relations“.

He also clarified that Ukraine is ” open to all allied countries, whether in Europe or Africa… and Morocco is the first strategic ally in Africa that buys cereals in large quantities from Ukraine“. To this question: “Six months after the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, where do you place Morocco today in your vision of alliances and the network of interests? ” He has answered : ” We seek to maintain our relations with Morocco. We work hard to develop and open new opportunities to move forward. We communicate regularly with the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education to discuss various common issues and a meeting with the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation is scheduled at the end summer vacation “.

Do you still expect Moroccan support in the conflict? ” Morocco has helped us in this war on many levels, but we aspire to make this support more visible and tangible. “. Do you undertake to supply cereals and wheat to Morocco, despite the latter’s insistence on neutrality in the war you are waging against Russia, and what are the obstacles to this? All Ukrainian ports have been destroyed or are besieged by the Russians, and we have not been able to export grain. Russia despite the agreement with the UN and Turkey for the liberation of Ukrainian ports still targets grain centers, obstructs the movement of ships and threatens to strike them and target civilians .

Regarding the supply of cereals to Morocco, Igor Prikhodko will say ” I can assure you that I met with Moroccan trade representatives and they expressed their desire and interest to buy Ukrainian cereals and wheat. I have therefore written to the Ukrainian authorities in this regard. I have not yet received a clear answer on the date of arrival of a first batch in Morocco”. Igor Prikhodko clarified as to the capacity of Ukraine to export its cereals, to have in the current process an availability of 20 million quintals of cereals remaining from the last agricultural season. His country also plans to produce 50 million quintals of cereals. “This is sufficient for domestic consumption and significant quantities will be allocated for export “.

He returned to the situation of Moroccan students, indicating that “Ukraine tries as much as possible to help Moroccan students in order to guarantee their right to continue their studies. During the month of September, there will be two study formats. Moroccan students have two options (remote and face-to-face). We are not asking them to come to Ukraine. There is the possibility of studying remotely and they have the choice of joining safe and unaffected areas that can accommodate them, such as in the west. Unfortunately, the majority of Moroccan students prefer eastern Ukraine where serious threats can hinder their studies. Also, the coming of students to Ukraine is their responsibility and that of their families. And I know that 80% of Moroccan students want to come to Ukraine despite the war conditions and the devastation that has engulfed most Ukrainian cities.

Another proposal, but still under study with the Moroccan officials of the Ministry of Education “do a full academic year and professional training in Turkey or Georgia, then return to Ukraine“. To the question do you communicate with the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs? “I have not communicated with the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, but I have permanent contact with officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs“. Asked if he had a message for Moroccans and government officials, Igor Prikhodko replied “My message is that everyone understands that Ukraine is not responsible for this war and its consequences like the lost months of studies. It is Russia that has done all this evil and created these problems. The global economic damage caused by this war is enormous. And this is where I ask the Moroccan authorities and officials to help us officially and clearly“.

Does Morocco’s position on this conflict affect the arrival of wheat supplies? “The Moroccan position on the Russian-Ukrainian war will not affect the flow of grain to Morocco, because it is private companies that take care of this task, the Moroccan state is content to coordinate and create the right conditions so that businessmen could transport grain to Morocco. We ask Moroccan officials to contact their Ukrainian counterparts to buy cereals“.


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