Soufiane Bougrine donates her latest works to the AECC

Born in Tangier in 1985, the artist Soufiane Bougrine, self-taught painter, donated one of his latest works to the AECC (Spanish Association against Cancer), which will be auctioned during the Gala Dinner to be held on Saturday August 6 in Marbella, Spain.

The work, one of the artist’s last creations, was made expressly to collaborate in the enormous task that the Association is carrying out in its fight to eradicate this disease which continues to be a challenge for science.

In a press release, the artist explains that the money raised by this and other works of art and collectibles will be used in full for the benefit of patients in precarious economic situations and to support research, an essential step. to keep moving forward in this fight.

Soufiane Bougrine has produced a work in her purest and most authentic style where color is again a chromatic explosion to give way to shapes and symbols that encompass and merge the abstract concept, cubism and free art.

The Moroccan painter has exhibited in Brazil, France, Brussels, Dubai, Morocco, Granada, Malaga and Madrid. Much of his work is in private collections in Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Spain.

This is not the first time that the artist has collaborated for altruistic causes, contributing to his plastic work, we underline. During the pandemic, Soufiane Bougrine says she collaborated with various associations, donating thousands of masks and disinfectant gels. Also, it has contributed to the significant improvement of the image of the Moroccan migrant living abroad.


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