Soon frying oil authorized as fuel in France

French MPs have just adopted at first reading an amendment which authorizes the use of used cooking oil as a substitute for diesel fuel for certain types of cars.

The amendment proposes to give the possibility to the French to use used oils as alternatives to fuel for certain types of cars (old diesel models). This involves reusing used sunflower or rapeseed oil, filtering it and then decanting it, to finally be able to transform it into fuel. Currently, the use of these waste oils for this purpose remains prohibited for individuals.

“While diesel exceeds 2 euros per liter at the pump, this solution allows both to immediately relieve the wallets of French men and women, to limit pollution from diesel engines and to reduce the energy dependence of the country “argues Julien Bayou, leader of the Europe Écologie les Verts (EELV) party, the origin of this proposal.

According to the text of the amendment, 10 liters of used cooking oil could generate 8 liters of fuel.

In May 2021, Air France saw its first aircraft take off with “sustainable aviation fuel”, composed of 20% cooking oil. Since January 1, 2022, airlines have been required to use at least 1% of this biofuel.

A few years earlier, the French group Avril, located in Aube, announced the creation of a fuel 100% composed of rapeseed oil, intended to run trucks and buses. This practice is also much more developed in Europe, particularly in Belgium where around 20% of biodiesel is made from frying oils and its use for private individuals has long been authorized there.


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