Soaring food prices in Algeria: "a way of life"

They are absurd decisions in Algeria that make you laugh as much as tickle. Hold ! last July, faced with soaring fruit and vegetable prices and endless queues for a bag of milk, the Minister of Trade had found no better way than… to Arabize his department (sic!). Education, following in its footsteps, hunted down the French language of the Algerian school (primary) to replace it from the start of the school year, which is already on the horizon with English. Result: How to find 20,000 English-speaking teachers in such a short time? But that is not the question.

Far from being this land of plenty, towards which Algerian media caressing in the direction of the hair get lost in dreams, the real Algeria, that popularly deep where the citizen drags the devil by the tail is on the verge of implosion . Degraded social climate, all-out repression, political stalemates, threats to its borders… it is as it were, that the glorious famous tirade of the vox populi against one of its presidents in the East of Eden still holds its own, yesterday we were two steps from the abyss today we took a big step forward “. But that is not the question once again.

And here we are, soaring food prices, especially mouth-watering fruits and vegetables in these times of heat wave, brings together some preliminary ingredients for “hunger riots” or worse, preludes to a fatal explosion. If we add to this the lack of visibility that the two senile Muppet show made in Algeria feed as best they can, Algeria, which finds itself between a rock and a hard place, is dramatically faced with a binary choice, to save the country, or the regime.

Following the gaze as if nothing had happened, here we are, to take only the sweet side of the thing in front of a new outbreak of fruit prices in Algeria. We are far from the more affordable prices of recent years. What is happening to the East of Eden is a price surge characterized by the image of the banana which no longer has the banana precisely (the prices during the summer are however at their lowest levels ), pear, strawberries, figs, apples inaccessible for medium and small Algerian purses.

Let’s see, strawberries are at 400 dinars (2.72 euros) bananas are sold between 700 and 1000 dinars per kilo (4, 76 and 6.80 euros), grapes at more than 280 dinars (1.904 euros, figs at 750 dinars (5.1 euros). We are no longer in the situation of affordable prices as was the case in previous years. After the episodes of sardines, chicken and eggs, milk, bread… where everything flamed the curves of fruits and vegetables resumed after a slight lull of a few days.Even the watermelon which once cost 30 dinars per kilo (0.204 euro) has distanced itself from the humility of yesteryear.Nectarine costs 250 at 350 AD/kg.

In short, these are very high prices for lambda purses, plus and minus. In question, of course, as usual, is speculation, especially for imported fruits, which have not yet seen any increase in the countries of origin. The culprit is suddenly designated, it is the intermediary who, thanks to a profit margin acquired thanks to storage, fills his pockets without fear and without reproach, without any concern. The unfortunate feeling the duty to speculate, the unscrupulous “protectors” in uniform being legion. As a reminder, the banana in Algeria is for fruits what the potato is for vegetables. As soon as she pulls up or down, the others follow.

The Association of Consumer Protectors (Apoce), considers ” unacceptable” the rise in food prices in Algeria and reported ” suspicious practices in certain markets in the country, in particular those known as horizontal agreements between wholesalers and intermediaries, in particular to maintain the highest price level for these consumer products. Also, Apoce asked Algerians to boycott all foodstuffs in Algeria with slogans like “let her rot” (sardines) orlet her hatch(eggs), etc. and this, until their prices are revised downwards, or failing to reduce their consumption.


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