SNRT: Open days for the benefit of Moroccans around the world

The National Society of Radio and Television (SNRT) kicked off, Monday, August 8, 2022, the Open Days for the benefit of Moroccans around the world, on the occasion of the celebration of the National Day of the Moroccan Community. abroad, instituted by King Mohammed VI.

On the first day of this event, which runs until August 10, 2022, SNRT received a delegation of young Moroccans living abroad, from France, Spain, Denmark, England, from Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, as part of an educational and information visit to the various services of the Department responsible for production and radio programming, in particular the Radio Chaîne Internationale.

This event, indicates the SNRT, is an opportunity to strengthen the communication channels and the attachment of the Moroccan diaspora with its motherland, while bringing them closer to the public audiovisual pole, given the role it plays in the consolidation the links of Moroccans around the world with their country of origin, in particular through programs that allow them to immerse themselves and discover the richness of Moroccan culture and civilization.

This meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the history of this national institution and the important changes that have marked this structure since its transformation into a National Broadcasting and Television Company in 2005, and since the abrogation of the monopoly of the State on the audiovisual sector and the liberalization of the sector.

The members of the delegation also took note of the contribution of the SNRT through the bouquet of digital TV channels and radio stations in strengthening and consolidating the identity ties of Moroccans residing abroad with their motherland, by involving them in the debate around national public affairs, while responding to their current concerns in their host countries.

During the visit to the Inter channel, the audience also focused on the various radio production processes in Arabic, French, Spanish and English for the programs of this public service which is general in nature and open to foreign cultures and which aspires to satisfy the needs of information, culture, education and entertainment and to ensure the influence of Moroccan culture and civilization within Morocco and abroad through its simultaneous and integral dissemination by land, satellite or via the Internet.

The participants in this day dwelt on the efforts made by the Radio in strengthening the links of its MRE listeners with their homeland, by broadcasting 7,424 hours per year of live programs and 1,336 recorded programs (in the fields of culture and entertainment at 14%, social and service programs at approximately 23.52% and a total of 15.18% for information programs, 1.10% for sports programs and 47.28% for music shows).


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