Sit-in in front of the CCME to denounce the "marginalization" in electoral representativeness

A sit-in was held this Thursday, August 11 by Moroccans from around the world, in front of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) in Rabat to denounce the “marginalizationof which the Moroccan diaspora abroad is a victim with regard to political and electoral participation in the constituencies of residence abroad.

Following the call launched by Dignity and Right to Full Citizenship Initiative“, a group of Moroccans residing abroad demonstrated this Thursday morning in Rabat in front of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad in Rabat against what they consider “marginalization, and the policy of the ostrich which affects the dignity of the Moroccan diaspora abroad”.

In a statement signed by Ali Jedo, president of the Organization of the White Dove, the Initiative mentions “the inability of the CCME council, for more than 15 years, to present an image or a proposal for the parliamentary representation of Moroccans residing abroad, and which is the main mission for which it was created“.

But “the steel wall built between this institution and the Moroccan community abroad meant that full citizenship was not achieved, and the CCME failed to raise an advisory opinion to King Mohammed VI“, can we read in the press release of the Initiative for the dignity and the right to full citizenship.

Thus, the initiative denounced the “deprivation of MREs of their constitutional right,item 17″which states that “Moroccans residing abroad enjoy full citizenship rights, including the right to vote and be eligible. They can stand for election to the lists of local, regional and national electoral constituencies. The law establishes specific eligibility and incompatibility criteria. It also determines the terms and conditions for the effective exercise of the right to vote and stand as a candidate from the country of residence.“.

The initiative thus wonders why MREs have been deprived of this constitutional right for years already, without it being applied.

In front of the CCME, the demonstrators started their sit-in with a reading of a letter of fidelity and allegiance to King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the Throne Day, thus calling for his intervention.


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