Sebta, a macabre El Dorado for many of our young people and minors

If “Ain’t it foggy outside” is necessarily linked to grounded planes, as the song “Sandman” by the American group would say, “America” ​​precisely, in our regions for many of our young people and minors on the lookout, it is a sign of destiny, towards an “El Dorado” which often and unfortunately, will not turn out to be the dreamed land of plenty.

In fact, there has not been a day for a little over two weeks when the Spanish media in the Sebta enclave do not report on attempts to enter, desperate, one might say, by young migrants swimming towards the presides. They take advantage of a constant fog in recent times to try the adventure. Some succeed, others don’t. In fact, they are forced to return home when they do not perish at sea.

Sebta currently hosts some 350 unaccompanied foreign minors. On both sides of the shore, agents have been deployed in view of the increase in the “crossings” of these young people who, at the risk of their lives and, taking advantage of the lack of visibility, try the blow. This deployment is a decision that was taken by both sides, since 21 unaccompanied Moroccan minors had managed to swim around the breakwater and enter Sebta last week on a “beautiful” foggy day. .

Because after all, there is only the breakwater of Tarajal to skirt to open the way to other aspirations of life. Except that the intensified surveillance no longer allows the ease of such an adventure. If attempts have succeeded, this is not the case for all, because the lack of visibility, if it allows illegal immigrants not to be detected, to sneak in and get through the cracks, would rather lead to feats . Because, in fact, the exits and entries of the breakwater are controlled, which forces migrants to seek other more exhausting means to avoid being intercepted.

As such, there are a good forty migrants, most of them Moroccans, who have been able to win the sesame during the last week. However, when our law enforcement officers on this side of the border were deployed, they put a stop to about fifteen attempts by this weather which bathes the enclave and surroundings, heat waves oblige, with its thick mist. For 2022, Sebta reports 110 migrants who have managed to enter it in this way, arguing that irregular entries have multiplied with the arrival of summer when 28 minors have managed to swim to join the president against a good quarantine in July.

This Monday, dozens of young people tried this objective, in vain. The Moroccan forces intervened in their area by arresting many illegal immigrants, reports a Sebta media, while on the Spanish side the Guardia Civil watched over land and sea just like their Moroccan counterparts, moreover, despite the problem of visibility “null” for the occasion and conducive to all kinds of maritime or land accidents. Tragic note, the discovery of the body of young Tarik (23 years old) who, for having wanted to take advantage of the fog, swam towards death. Last week, the discovery of another body of another young Moroccan, Zakaria in this case, caused emotion and indignation.


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