Sale of grain cargo ship to Lebanon canceled

The first shipment of cereals to have left Ukraine for Lebanon since the start of the war has not been sold, the Ukrainian embassy in Lebanon announced.

The sales contract linking Ukraine and Lebanon was canceled due to the delay in delivery, the kyiv embassy said.

The five-month delivery delay “prompted the buyer and shipper to agree on canceling the order”, the embassy said in a statement, while Kyiv is considering “further requests for purchase “.

The boat, a cargo ship flying the Sierra Leonean flag, left the Ukrainian port of Odessa on the Black Sea on August 1 with 26,000 tonnes of corn, and should have docked in the port of Tripoli in Lebanon on Sunday.

It is currently on hold in the Mersin port in southern Turkey, according to the tracking site Marine Traffic, had been inspected last week by Turkish and Russian experts off Istanbul.

Since the signing on July 22 of two agreements between Russia and Ukraine under international supervision, Ukrainian grain exports have restarted and those of Russian vegetables too, despite the war.

In addition to this first ship to Lebanon, Ukraine sent 3 other ships loaded with corn on Friday, bound for Ireland, England and Turkey, said the Turkish Ministry of Defense, whose country sponsors the two agreements and controls the Bosphorus from where the loads will pass.

On Sunday, four new cargo ships left Ukraine and Chernomorsk with a total cargo of more than 161,000 tonnes of corn and food products, bound for China, Italy and Turkey.

On Monday, a first ship docked at its final destination in Turkey and kyiv hopes to resume a normal rhythm of exports within two weeks with 5 ships departing from Ukrainian ports every day.

The resumption of grain exports will certainly calm international markets and fears of food crises or even famine, caused by the soaring food prices suffered particularly by poor and intermediate countries.


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