Rising supply prices worry parents

Ramadan, Aid Al-Fitr, Aid-Al Adha, summer holidays, back to school… Parents of students no longer know where to turn. Today, and as we approach of the start of the school year, the debate on the increase in the bill for school supplies resurfaces again. But this time, the context is much more different, since everything has increased in Morocco. Parents are worried about the budget that it will cost them, especially since they have just celebrated Aid-Al Adha almost a month ago, followed by the summer holidays.

If textbook publishers have withdrawn from their decision to increase prices following a ” OK “ with the government, parents of students are worried about the high bill for school supplies that awaits them.

In this sense, the Union of Parents and Guardians of Students has called on public and private establishments to take into account the social situation of families due to high prices, by reducing the list of school supplies in the next school season.

On social networks, the discontent of the parents is already being felt. Many people have expressed their anger at the endless list of school supplies required by schools, which drains the budget of families, especially those with several children of school age.

This year, the context is different given the repercussions of the post-covid recovery and the war in Ukraine, which resulted in unprecedented inflation, thus impacting the purchasing power of several Moroccan families.

In this regard, Mohamed Nahili, President of the Union of Parents and Guardians of Students in Private Educational Institutions in Morocco, said that ” school supplies must meet the objectives set in the teaching methodology, and must also be unified between all establishments, public and private “.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsNahili explained that “ the rise in prices in the current circumstances imposes the need to reduce the volume of school supplies, given the high cost of textbooks in the first place, which requires taking into consideration the social situation of families “.

To limit the volume of school supplies, the French experience has made it possible to generalize a unified publication to pupils according to their school levels. », explains our interlocutor, noting that « primary school students in Morocco suffer daily from the heavy weight of schoolbags “. In this sense, Nahili called on schools to ” reduce the list of school supplies this coming season “.

Citing other examples innovative »the president of the Union of Parents and Guardians of Students in Private Education Establishments in Morocco added that “ foreign schools and missions have started to adopt digital books to avoid the financial cost of paper books. This has freed schools from the long list of school supplies that overwhelms parents “, thus calling on the ministry in charge of the sector, to ” open a public debate on this issue “.

It should be noted that many public educational establishments, in partnership with civil society associations, distribute school supplies and schoolbags to needy students, particularly in rural areas, in order to combat school dropout.


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