Recovery of Oued Eddahab, a milestone in the history of the Kingdom

Morocco celebrates 43 years of the recovery of the province of Oued Eddahab, a Saharan province which is an integral part of the process of independence and the territorial integrity of the kingdom. On this occasion, a ceremony to hand over Royal Ouissams will be organized to decorate and pay tribute to the members of the Moroccan resistance family who fought to liberate the Moroccan Sahara from occupation.

If the independence of Morocco was officially recorded in 1956, the process of independence from Spanish colonization continued until 1979 with a historic step, that which signed the recovery of Oued Eddahab.

“The historic return of this dear part of the Moroccan territory to the homeland was the result of a long-term struggle engaged over several decades by Morocco to complete its independence and its territorial integrity”, indicated the High Commissioner to the former resistance fighters and former members of the liberation army (HCAR) in a press release.

The celebration of this 43rd anniversary is always an opportunity to remember the significance of this event which marked the deep attachment of the populations of southern Morocco to their Moroccan nationality, and their allegiance to the Alaouite throne.

These fighters fought against the occupation and defended the territorial integrity of the Kingdom on many occasions. Thanks to their mobilization, Morocco was able to recover the city of Tarfaya on April 15, 1958, Sidi Ifni on June 30, 1969 and other parts of the Moroccan Sahara thanks to the Green March on November 6, 1975 which took place with the mobilization of 350,000 volunteers from all over Morocco.

And it was on August 14, 1979, that the ulemas, notables and tribal chiefs of the province of Oued Eddahab went to the Royal Palace in Rabat to present their oath of allegiance to the late King Hassan II and reaffirm their ties of unwavering attachment to the Alaouite throne, thus proving their Moroccanness.

The commemoration of the 43rd anniversary of this event on Sunday is an opportunity to highlight the mobilization of Moroccans and their constant vigilance around the first national cause, indicates the High Commission for former resistance fighters and former members of the Liberation Army ( HCAR).

“We have just received, on this blessed day, your oath of allegiance, which We will preserve and keep preciously, as a sacred deposit. From now on, you must honor this oath. On Our side, We also make it our duty to guarantee your defense and your security and to work tirelessly for your well-being. Be therefore, My dear sons, welcome to your homeland. Let us give thanks to the Almighty for having showered us with his blessings by linking the south of our country to his northern homeland and by restoring the blood ties between his sons, “declared in a speech, the late King Hassan II at the era during this historic event.

The late Hassan II had, on occasion, distributed arms to the representatives of the tribes, as a symbol of the continuation of the struggle for the recovery of colonized Moroccan lands, the defense of the territorial integrity of the country and the establishment of security in the recovered provinces.

The inhabitants of Oued Eddahab had shown in the eyes of all, and at the highest summit of the Moroccan State, their unfailing link to their country, Morocco, their deep Moroccan identity and above all the unequivocal affirmation that the Sahara is the Morocco and that its people are Moroccans first and foremost.

To celebrate this important anniversary in the history of the kingdom, the regional delegation of the High Commission for former resistance fighters and former members of the liberation army in Dakhla-Oued Eddahab, has drawn up a rich and diversified program, covering a meeting at siege of the wilaya, during which royal Ouissams will be given to members of the resistance family and tributes will be paid to other resistance fighters.

In addition, there will be the inauguration of the project to extend the space dedicated to the memory of the resistance and the liberation in the commune of Bir Gandouz and the reading of a press release on behalf of the family of former resistance fighters and members of the Liberation Army, in the presence of resistance members from the twelve regions of the Kingdom.


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