presidential pardon for ex-president Laurent Gbagbo

Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara announced on Saturday that he had pardoned his predecessor Laurent Gbagbo, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison in his country following the post-election crisis of 2010-2011.

“In order to strengthen social cohesion, I signed a decree granting presidential pardon to Laurent Gbagbo”said Alassane Ouattara in a speech on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the independence of Côte d’Ivoire.

The Head of State also announced that he had asked ” that his accounts be unfrozen and his arrears of his life annuities be paid”.

He also announced that he had signed a decree granting “conditional release” to two former figures of the military and security apparatus of Laurent Gbagbo’s regime, condemned for their role in the 2010-2011 crisis.

In his speech, Alassane Ouattara affirmed that Côte d’Ivoire has returned to peace.

”Côte d’Ivoire has returned to peace and security. This is how the United Nations organization, through the High Commissioner for Refugees, in view of the notable progress made in this area, and the voluntary return of almost all Ivorians exiled abroad, declared the end of Ivorian refugee status since June 30, 2022″he said.

He assured that at the security level, the government continues to strengthen the training and operational capacities of the defense and security forces as well as the fight against terrorism, illegal gold panning and drug trafficking.

According to Alassane Ouattara, the holding at the beginning of the year of the 5th phase of the political dialogue as well as the recommendations that came out of it have greatly contributed to the appeasement of the political climate and the consolidation of democracy in the country.

He added that the fraternal meeting with his predecessors Henri Konan Bédié and Laurent Gbagbo on July 14 was an asset of relaxation.

The Head of State explained that the celebration of the national holiday, this year in Yamoussoukro (the political capital), is placed under the seal of the consolidation of peace and social cohesion. “It is a call for peace to all our compatriots and to all the inhabitants of our beautiful country”, launched the Head of State.


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