PJD and GANP condemn raids on Gaza and reject normalization

NGOs and political parties have strongly condemned the new Israeli raids on Gaza after an attack that the Israeli army described as “pre-emptive”. Twelve people were killed, including a 5-year-old girl.

The Justice and Development Party (PJD) strongly condemned the “Israeli criminal attacks”, indicating that it remained clinging to its initial position on the Palestinian question and that the PJD faithful to its principles will support the Palestinian resistance. The Lamp Party calls itself ” rooted in the rejection of normalization, as it encourages the Israeli occupation to continue its criminal, racist and expansionist policy, and gives it a sense of invulnerability to commit crimes“.

The PJD further condemned, “Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people as well as Zionist arroganceof Israel. The “imperialist” powers were not left behind in the fire, in particular the so-called American one in the same way as the Arab regimes “reactionary imprinted with the Zionist entity”.

Among the Moroccan non-governmental organizations that also condemned the recent attacks was the National Action Group for Palestine (GANP) in Morocco, for which Palestine has always been a “national cause”, indicating that “the Zionist entity has confirmed its terrorist nature and its criminal aggression against the distressed Palestinian people“.

The Group said it refused “this logic of authoritarianism through the Israeli aggressions against the Palestinian people”noting that it has derailed the Zionist state which “carried out aggressive raids on the besieged Gaza Strip, one of the criminal consequences of which was the martyrdom of the leader Mujahid Tayseer Al-Jabari and a number of Palestinians, including a five-year-old girl and a large number of wounded“.

The National Action Group for Palestine has argued for the legitimate right of the Palestinian resistance, which has proven its unity in the face of the Zionist enemy, to respond to it. He called on the signatory countries of the normalization of agreements with the enemy to withdraw and return to the commitment to the constants of the Arab and Islamic nation in the defense of Al Quds and not to expose the Arab national security to seepage. The Group also denounced “the silence”. Western complicity in the face of the Zionist massacres, in particular the position of the American administration, which sponsors the most notorious racist terrorist colonialism in history.

In this context, Abdelkader El Alami, coordinator of the National Action Group for Palestine, stated that “by virtue of the commission’s monitoring of what is happening in the land of palestine, it consistently supports the right of the palestinian people to liberate their land and establish their independent stateand that the group “must naturally have a position to deal with the new aggression against Gaza, and the ongoing assassinations with which the occupation targets the symbols and leaders of the Palestinian resistance.”

El Alami added in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews: “Resisting occupation is a legitimate and undeniable right of a people to liberate their land. Any aggression and any crime against him, to the recovery of his usurped land and his rights cannot be accepted by any living human conscience”.


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