Oktoberfest: popular pressure got the better of Bavarian pressure

The strong popular pressure on social networks would not have been right, it seems German “draft” beer of the Oktoberfest festival which must take place in Morocco, in Bouskoura (Casablanca) under a marquee of more of 300 places on October 28.

Organized by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco, the very first beer festival in the Kingdom, no offense to fans, has been “officially” simply canceled to the public and will be held in a private setting. And suddenly, the announcement of the discord, if one can say so, published on the Facebook page of the Chamber last July, is now conspicuous by its absence.

It is even rumored that if she has been removed from social networks, it is because of an increasingly increasing number of registration requests that the German Chamber of all its female hops cannot satisfy. The event will therefore remain private and reserved for members of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco and its partners. It is therefore closed to the public. The Oktoberfest is not only a festival dedicated to beer, the German culture in general and Bavaria is also largely represented there.

It’s that the poster caused such a ruckus that he pushed the House to sort of backtrack by deleting it. An outcry was born from all points of view and site forums have flourished here and there on the web, pushing the debates sometimes to be at loggerheads. Many people see it as an insult to Moroccan values ​​and religion, while others see it as “unconstitutional” or a negative impact on Moroccan youth.

In short, for this category pleading the empty glass, she directly appealed to the Moroccan authorities to put an end to the organization of the event. Small consolation, therefore, since it passes from a popular component to another private. Also, there is no urgency to disturb the Executive, the German Chamber having opted for the common sense of the thing.

Those who are for the full glass, the famous Bavarian beverage and its culture are not so numerous on the networks or do not prefer to come forward, perhaps wanting to be more discreet vis-à-vis this “way of life. “ and the prevailing atmosphere by the way. This is because the debate, which is not just religious, spills over into politics, because on paper our Constitution officially prohibits alcohol and related activities, under a law from the 1960s stipulating the prohibition “to offer or sell alcoholic beverages to Muslim Moroccans or minors under 16“. Therefore on this side, we prefer to abstain.

On the ground, it’s a different story, because unofficially, the majority of the millions of empty bottles, of wine, beer and alcohol produced or not, in Morocco, will have been swallowed by a major part of Moroccans. The here-bled dilemma will remain eternal on the one hand, the legally prohibited and on the other, “the illegally” tolerated, we will say. The gossips revel in it and push it, either to change mentalities, or the legislation in the matter.


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