Movement in the ranks of law enforcement officers: 1,819 concerned, or 43% of the total

The Ministry of the Interior operated a movement in the ranks of the agents of authority which concerned 1.819 agents, that is to say nearly 43% of the whole of the members of this body exerting within the territorial Administration.

In a press release made public on Tuesday, the ministry indicates that this movement was an opportunity to implement the high royal guidelines calling for greater efficiency and better optimization of resources at the level of the agents of authority, but also the Adoption of criteria of competence and merit in appointments to positions of responsibility.

The Ministry further specifies that the movement was operated on the basis of a 360-degree global evaluation procedure based on the evaluation of profitability in an objective manner by placing the citizen at the center of this evaluation.

This mechanism is based on field visits to the places where the agent of authority exercises by commissions responsible for conducting interviews with the representatives of the various actors having a link with his professional environment, including line managers, subordinates, local officials of external and security services and even large segments of citizens including public service users, associative and economic actors and elected officials, explains the press release, noting that in the context of the implementation of merit criteria and overall performance evaluation.

“More than 700 women and men of authority have benefited from this device during this year, which has seen its generalization for the first time to all the prefectures and provinces of the Kingdom”, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

And to add that this new movement has seen the promotion of a total of 315 women and men of authority, in territorial administration missions as well as in the central administration of the Ministry of the Interior.

This movement, it is added, was an opportunity to enrich the territorial administration with new laureate executives of the Royal Institute of Territorial Administration whose number rises to 339.


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