Morocco expected to receive grain shipments from Ukraine in coming days

The first shipment of Ukrainian cereals since the international agreement concluded on this subject in Istanbul, left the port of Odessa on Monday morning to arrive in Lebanon. After this first ship, others will use the Bosphorus to deliver Ukrainian cereals to various countries, including Morocco.

“The Razoni ship left the port of Odessa bound for the port of Tripoli in Lebanon. He is expected on August 2 in Istanbul. It will continue on its way to its destination following the inspections which will be carried out in Istanbul”, indicated the Turkish Ministry of Defense, Ankara having taken under its wing this international agreement supposed to put an end to the cereal crisis which affects a good number of countries.

The Razoni is the very first ship to leave the Ukrainian port since the start of the war with Russia 6 months ago, and the recent conclusion in Istanbul of the international agreement with Russia.

This first ship loaded with 26,000 tons of corn, according to the Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandre Kubrakov, must reach Lebanon, in Tripoli more precisely, before other ships join other countries.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres welcomed the news amid serious threats to global food security from the war in Eastern Europe.

It is a “relief for the world”, declared for his part, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmytro Kouleba before adding: “Ukraine has always been a reliable partner and will remain so if Russia respects its part of the agreement”.

The countries affected by the food crisis are carefully observing this first unblocking of ships and awaiting the full implementation of the agreement for the resumption of cereal exports. Morocco is also expected to receive cereals in the coming days.

The Kingdom has remained in contact with Ukraine on this subject, in particular since the volume of trade between the two countries is significant and is mainly oriented towards the import of Ukrainian cereals.

The cereals that Morocco imports from Ukraine are estimated at no less than 12% of the country’s total imports of this product that the Kingdom obtains from various sources of supply. In 2021, the amount of trade between the two countries stood at 530 million dollars.

Ukrainian exports to Morocco amount to 403 million dollars, most of which are cereals and wheat at 54%, and other materials such as oil, yogurt and electronic materials. Moroccan exports amount to 120 million dollars: phosphates 48%, electronic cars, fish and vegetables.

With the signature of the international agreement allowing the resumption of the export of Ukrainian cereals, Morocco as well as 5 other countries of North Africa will be able to receive cargoes.

As a reminder, the agreement was signed on July 22 in Istanbul between representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations. In the same vein, another similar agreement signed simultaneously also allows Moscow to export its agricultural products and fertilizers, despite Western sanctions. Both agreements should help to avert a global food crisis with disastrous consequences.


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