Morocco-Algeria a free-wheeling debate or media battle

Apart from the negative phraseology, Algerian media at the behest of the regime, the strangely deafening silence of officials in Algiers in response to the outstretched hand and the offer of reconciliation made by King Mohammed VISaturdayduring his 23rd Speech from the Throne, certainly demonstrates the visceral hatred that the Algiers regime has for Morocco.

Also, on neutral ground, let’s say, and on the sets of the Arabic television channel Al-Hurra, a live debate on the issue took place, between Moroccan political scientist Mohamed Tajeddine El Houssaini, professor of international relations at the Faculty of Law of Agdal in Rabat and Abderrazak Saghour, professor of political science at the University of Algiers.

To tell the truth, there was no photo as Saghour was embarrassed to want to defend a lost cause. Through a very approximate argument that he stuttered, the conversation quickly fell to the level, despite some ideas that he wanted to ferment at all costs, while opposite, El Houssaini, with eloquent words, developed the his own subtly, backing up his theorem with a large number of proofs.

When asked what was the degree of reception of the umpteenth royal hand extended to Algeria, Saghour of incantatory formulas -pure style of the Algiers regime-, caresses first in the direction of the animal’s hair before demanding preconditions for a resumption of dialogue.

As for the Algerians, we have always advocated dialogue and we want to have good relations with our Arab and Muslim neighbor, Morocco.”he said.

However, without convincing moreover, he will not fail to reproach the Kingdom for the grievances which, according to the Algerian teacher, led to the diplomatic rupture, (speech at the UN by the Moroccan representative Omar Hilale (Kabylia), or allusion made in Pegasus or even the declarations of the Israeli MFA today Prime Minister, Yaïr Lapid from Rabat…). Saghour, with a sincerity that is undeniably out of place for a political scientist, kicked the question of the Moroccan Sahara into touch, which was, according to him, in no way an Algerian affair, but the responsibility of the UN.

Serene, Mohamed Tajeddine El Houssaini who, as a researcher, does not expect any development from Algeria regarding a response to the outstretched hand of King Mohammed VI, presented other arguments, demolishing, evidence in support, the belligerent tendency that befits the neighbor to the East.

The Kingdom has always advocated a policy of brotherhood, friendship and reconciliation with regard to Algeria and has even proposed the establishment of commissions of the two countries to discuss and resolve all disputes between the two parties. supported the academic.

But it likely fell on deaf ears. El Houssaini while dissecting these arguments, had this retort, ” Morocco’s conviction is that so many things change, the geography unfortunately does not change and Algeria is an essential neighbor in this region. Also the relationship of good neighborliness between our two peoples and those of this entire region is a sine qua none condition for the Kingdom. “.

Right in his boots, the Moroccan political scientist expressed another appreciation, that of dialogue: “ it is obvious that any solution requires direct dialogue and without any mediation”. And to support his statements, knowing in this that“if Morocco refused the Gulf Cooperation Council it is because it favored the Greater Maghreb, it is a strategic choice “.

So we can put forward the famous saying: “Look for error!”. El Houssaini launched a few small arrows on international law and broken understandings and agreements between the two countries (gas, airspace, Garat Djebilet, etc.) and other small miseries by way of animosity on the part of our neighbor, in startle his interlocutor who in the end, not knowing which saint to devote himself to, stammered and “re-stammered” his famous incantatory expressions to go there, evasions as to these questions, of the style: “Thehe relations between the two peoples are and will always remain good but the problem is between the two regimes “.

Or downright intertwining space and insulting time, it goes with all its soul ” if Algeria has closed the gas tap, it is because of the Moroccan representative to the United Nations and go green and unripe.

And even if he wanted to be conciliatory in the end by advocating without conviction discussions for a better future and at negotiation tables without mediators, Abderrazak Saghour will never have been convincing throughout his media release nor, from remain convinced, we would be tempted to say.


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