Marhaba 2022 is taking place "in good conditions", a peak expected at the end of August

The “Marhaba 2022” transit operation is continuing “under good conditions” at the Tangier Med port, while a peak is expected for the last week of the current month of August.

The device for the return phase is in place and the port authority of Tangier Med has invited travelers to consult the traffic forecasts available on the website and the mobile application, and plan their return to avoid long waiting periods. , more particularly the peak period from August 25 to 30, 2022.

Likewise, the port authority has informed passengers that they must obtain, before going to the port, a return ticket issued by their shipping company which specifies a firm date and time of travel.

The director of the Tanger Med Passagers port, Kamal Lakhmas, said he expected a “highly crowded” during the departure phase from Morocco, in particular during the period from August 25 to 31.

He therefore urged passengers to plan their trip in advance according to traffic forecasts and to have a ticket from the shipping company which specifies a firm date and time of travel.

Kamal Lakhmas also claimed that Operation Marhaba 2022 is taking place “under good conditions thanks to the combined efforts of all those involved”.

It was noted on the spot the fluidity which marks the operation of transit in both directions at the level of this port. Travelers, on foot or in vehicles, complete customs and border control formalities in a few minutes before continuing on their way.

The Tanger Med Passengers port has welcomed more than 760,000 passengers in both directions since the start of Operation Marhaba 2022 on June 5, a performance up 10% compared to 2019, underlined Kamal Lakhmas.

It should be noted that the maritime fleet deployed for the Tangier Med-Algeciras maritime links has reached a daily transport capacity of 40,000 passengers and 10,000 vehicles during high traffic days.

Added to this is the mobilization of night ferry ships with a weekly transport capacity of 20,000 passengers and 7,000 cars, to ensure long-distance crossings to Spain (port of Barcelona), Italy (port of Genoa) and France (ports of Marseille and Sète).

In addition, many communication tools at the service of passengers are available to enable them to stay constantly informed about news from the Tanger Med Passagers port, including in particular social networks, the website, the mobile application, and Radio Tanger Med (which broadcasts on the FM 100 frequency and in streaming).

The Tanger Med port took advantage of the period of forced shutdown, due to the pandemic, to make the necessary improvements to the reception system.

Thus, a budget of 150 million dirhams (MDH) has been mobilized to prepare the transit operation, so as to ensure fluidity and comfort, through the strengthening of reception capacities, passenger comfort and control.


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