Mali lays heavy charges of espionage against France (explanation)

Mali has brought very serious accusations against France, including that of carrying out espionage activities and supporting terrorist groups by threatening the stability of the country. These accusations come the day after the final withdrawal of the Barkhane force. For Driss Ganbouri, expert in terrorism, this case reveals “a struggle between the great powers in Africa”.

On August 15, Malian Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop sent a letter to the UN Security Council in which he accused Paris of carrying out espionage activities and helping jihadists by supplying them with weapons while France was supposed to help Bamako bring back peace and stability through its Barkhane force.

The charges against France are very heavy and Bamako has requested an emergency meeting of the Security Council. The letter mentions that Paris provided arms and ammunition to terrorist groups in Mali, as well as intelligence.

The head of Malian diplomacy also indicates that France would have violated the airspace of Mali via its military forces on several occasions, in particular with drones, helicopters or fighter planes, without having authorization to fly over. He claims that Malian airspace has been violated at least fifty times since the start of 2022 and accuses France of having dropped “packages” of ammunition and weapons.

Accusation to be taken seriously

For the expert, Driss Ganbouri, the reaction of Mali ” is not to be taken lightly“. The principal concerned has not yet reacted officially to the Malian accusations.

These accusations, if they prove to be true, could have serious consequences for the image of France in Africa.

“The case is bigger and not limited to Mali. There is a possibility that other African countries will do the same thing and question their partnership with France, because there is the problem of Guinea Conakry, Chad, the CFA Franc file…”, said Driss Ganbouri in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews FR. He also warned of a potential ripple effect that could threaten France’s interests on the continent and tarnish its image.

That the government of Mali goes so far as to request a meeting of the UN Security Council is that it necessarily has elements, because it is not a question of a simple accusation, here we are talking of an accusation brought before the United Nations”, he added.

According to him, “Mali must have a solid position” before deciding to bring such charges, because if necessary “he will face a problem and give the advantage to France”.

Before Mali, no African country had brought such charges against France. “I think Mali has proof”asserted Driss Ganbouri, who hypothesized that it is the current competition between France and other powers which seek to impose themselves in Africa, which is at the origin of the information obtained by Mali.

For the expert, this case of espionage poses above all the problem of the use of African governments as a means or as a playground for Western powers to carry out their espionage and make secret reports on each other.


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