LG Electronics Morocco unveils its new range of LG 2022 televisions

LG Electronics Morocco unveiled its latest range of televisions on July 26, 2022 in Casablanca. The new ultra-innovative, high-performance and inventive range meets the needs of individuals and professionals thanks to the latest technological innovations from the leader in household appliances and multimedia.

The presentation ceremony of LG’s new range of OLED, QNED and NANOCELL televisions was attended by Jungho Kim, Managing Director of LG Electronics Morocco, Aymane Zriga, LG Electronics Morocco TV Marketing Manager and Aicha Berrada, Communications and Public Relations LG Electronics Morocco.

Better performing, more reliable and more attractive, LG’s new lineup of TVs feature never-before-seen technological prowess, thanks to powerful processors enabling sharper picture and sound precision and perfect homogeneity. colours. The new range meets all the needs of Moroccan consumers who will benefit from an unparalleled experience, especially for gamers and e-sports fans who will be dazzled by the exceptional quality of the fast processors and the image quality of the new range of televisions.

“We are pleased to unveil today the new range of LG TVs. Whether for the NANOCELL, QNED or OLED range where we are the world leader, the Moroccan consumer will find televisions equipped with very advanced technologies that we are unveiling for the first time. The Moroccan market is important to us and we will continue our efforts to offer Moroccans our best products at reasonable prices. Our main mission is to facilitate the lives of Moroccans on a daily basis »said Jungho Kim, Managing Director of LG Electronics Morocco

True to its mission, LG Electronics Morocco strives to contribute to greater accessibility of its latest innovative technologies to the Moroccan market. A strategic market for LG, Morocco benefits from all the brand’s latest innovations and a local marketing policy where consumer well-being and satisfaction are the watchwords.
Moreover, as part of this strategy, LG Electronics Morocco recently opened its largest after-sales service center in Morocco in Casablanca. LG Electronics’ new service center meets the most advanced international standards. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to service all LG products, including washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions and dishwashers. The center’s teams and experts have also been trained in the technical specificities of the new range of LG televisions.


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