Khadija Al Bidaouia: The Ministry of Culture has been following her situation for 3 months

The Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication became aware, 3 months ago already, of the state of health of the artist Khadija Beidaouia, and then got in touch with her daughter and paid a part processing fees at the time, a knowledgeable source told MoroccoLatestNews.

Regarding the current situation of the artist, the same source specified that Minister Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid was informed, 3 days ago, of his state of health, and all the necessary arrangements have been made to cover a part of the expenses relating to his treatment.

The artist regularly visits a care facility in Casablanca to monitor his condition, added the same source, noting that the Ministry of Culture and several artists are always present at his side.

The MoroccoLatestNews source further indicated that “the ministry and its executives are at the disposal of all Moroccan artists, in the sense that one of its missions is to ensure regular monitoring of their situation. health, social and financial, pending the entry into service of the Social Works Foundation which will put an end to the constraints faced by several Moroccan artists”.

It should be noted that the state of health of Khadija Al Bidaouia, icon of Aïta and Marsaoui, suffering from cancer, aroused a surge of emotion and solidarity at the level of the artists in particular, and of the Moroccan public in general.


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