July 2022, one of the hottest months on record

Globally, July 2022 was one of the three warmest Julys on record, nearly 0.4°C above the reference period 1991-2020.

According to Copernicus, implemented by the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, land areas in the northern hemisphere recorded temperatures well above average.

In contrast, he said, below-average temperatures were recorded along the western Indian Ocean, from the Horn of Africa to southern India, over much of of Central Asia as well as most of Australia.

Antarctica’s ice extent hit its lowest value for the month of July in 44 years of recorded data, at 7% below average, the Copernicus report reveals, noting that the extent Arctic ice was 4% below average.

In Europe, July 2022 was drier than average for much of the old continent, with local records for low rainfall broken in the west and drought in several places in the southwest and southeast. The weather was also drier than average across most of North America, large parts of South America, Central Asia and Australia.

On the other hand, wetter than average conditions were noted in eastern Russia, northern China and over a wide strip stretching from eastern Africa to northwestern India in passing through Asia.


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