Is Algeria preparing an event against Morocco?

For three weeks, Algeria has been preparing in the media for the next controversial Arab League Summit, which it is to organize in November. This event should be an opportunity for the Algerian regime to seek to isolate Morocco, despite the Kingdom’s numerous “outstretched hands” towards its neighbor to improve their relations.

The Arab countries and the representatives of the Arab League have long hesitated to grant Algeria the organization of the next summit. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, in particular and at the highest level of the state, have expressed their reservations.

And for good reason, Algeria quickly took the lead in appropriating the event and making it a plea for the Palestinian and anti-Israel cause, while at the same time, several Arab countries are trying, on the contrary, to preach reconciliation. and peace, in particular through the Abraham Accords which signed normalization between several Arab countries and the Jewish state.

The Arab League, aware of these new geopolitical issues and guarantor of the unity of Arab nations, also did not want there to be a country swimming against the tide and even less for this country to be the host of the Summit , uses it as a forum to convey its doctrine and propaganda.

Algerian diplomacy, headed by Ramtane Lamamra but also the President of the Algerian Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune himself, have personally invested and involved themselves in convincing the Arab States who are strongly reluctant to take part in the Summit organized in Algeria.

It is through repeated round trips to Arab capitals, and the transmission of official letters and telephone exchanges that Algeria has been able to appease the categorical refusals of several countries.

The Arab states reproach Algiers mainly for two things, its intense lobbying to give itself the “beautiful role” vis-à-vis Palestine, and the same thing for forcing the reintegration of Syria within the League. Algiers has multiplied in recent months its contacts with the Palestinian leaders, but also with Damascus.

An event against Morocco?

If Algeria was able to appease the wrath of several Arab countries, it is not the same with Morocco, a country with which Algiers broke unilaterally and without mentioning tangible reasons, its diplomatic relations in August 2021.

With a totally broken dialogue between the two opposing countries in the Moroccan Sahara file, the Algerian regime has been able to find legitimacy to give itself to heart-joy in recent months by launching attacks against the constants of Morocco.

The day after King Mohammed VI’s speech on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the Throne Day, in which he once again extended his hand to Algeria to improve bilateral relations and achieve understanding between the two countries , it was the Algerian president’s turn to speak in an interview on national television.

The latter mentioned the organization of the next Arab League summit on November 1 and 2, and assured that Algeria “has no problem with any Arab country and respects all States”.

But in fact, the latest statements by Algerian officials who comment on all news related to Morocco and more recently those following the speech of King Mohammed VI, reflect a continuity in the policy of rejection of Morocco and the promotion of separatism, that of the Sahrawi militia of the polisario, which Algiers arms and finances.

The Algerian regime was able to demonstrate this, particularly during the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Independence of Algeria where the leader of the Polisario militia, Brahim Ghali was installed next to the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, as to give it legitimacy and associate it with the invited leaders.

In addition, the Algerian regime should take advantage of the occasion of the organization of the Arab League Summit to bring out its pro-separatist theories concerning the Sahara by associating them with the Palestinian cause, even if the Arab countries are categorical in their support for the territorial integrity of Morocco and the defense of its interests.

Thus, the stated objective of Algeria would be to make Morocco pass for Israel in the presence of members of the Polisario, and leaders of certain Palestinian factions, and by publicizing it as much as possible to reach the Arab countries.


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