Highways: Reminder from ADM regarding the BAU

The Moroccan National Highways Company (ADM) has reminded highway users that it is forbidden to drive or stop on the Emergency Stop Band (BAU) except in cases of extreme emergency.

A press release from ADM indicates that “given the heavy traffic experienced by the motorway network in this summer season, the Moroccan National Motorway Company (ADM) reminds motorway users that it is strictly forbidden to drive or stop on the emergency lane (BAU) except in cases of extreme emergency”.

The BAU is used by intervention teams from ADM, the Royal Gendarmerie, Civil Protection, roadside assistance and any other intervening party on the motorway to act in an emergency situation, explains the same source, noting that any Unjustified occupation of this lane could jeopardize the timely assistance of users in distress and constitutes a traffic violation.


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