Hélène Le Gal assaulted on Twitter after a condescending tweet

France’s ambassador to Morocco, Hélène Le Gal, was bombarded with comments from Moroccans very unhappy with the French policy of reducing visas by 50% after a tweet deemed “condescending”. The French diplomat implied that her services solved the problem of obtaining a visa for rapper Toto, but that no one spoke about it.

Following the refusal of a visa for France by rapper Toto who was to go there for a concert, the news revived the strong feeling of sourness of thousands of Moroccans in the face of the decision to reduce 50% in Morocco by the French authorities. .

France had initiated this “punitive” measure for the Maghreb countries in response to the “lack of collaboration” of the Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian authorities in a case of consular passes to return undocumented migrants to their country of origin.

The rapper, the most listened to artist in Morocco and in the Arab world according to the Spotify ranking, had created the buzz by announcing that his visa was refused while his concert was scheduled in advance.

On Sunday, French Ambassador Hélène Le Gal hinted in a tweet that has gone viral in terms of replies and retweets that the rapper finally got his visa for France, but it didn’t get as much publicity. than the initial refusal.

“Last night, it went unnoticed, Toto gave his concert in Sète”, she wrote before a flood of reactions from angry Moroccans fell on the diplomat whose tweet was decrypted from all angles.

“On the other hand, your clumsiness has not gone unnoticed…”, answered tit for tat a surfer.

“The shameful tweet of the French Ambassador to Morocco, Hélène Le Gal, is the tree that hides the forest of France’s disastrous policy in Africa and France’s downgrading around the world,” replied one. other.

“Do we have to applaud you, madam? wondered a surfer irritated by the way the rapper’s file was handled. “He was able to get his visa because he’s known enough to create buzz. This tweet is more disgraceful than your current visa handling,” the same person added.

Several Internet users have noted this privilege policy of the French consular services, which finally give the visa to a person whose file was initially refused, supposedly for well-established reasons, because he is famous and has made the buzz. .

“Last night, from Sète, Toto explained that it was the French consular authorities who helped him get his visa in record time,” said a user in response to the ambassador’s tweet.

“And for my parents, whom I invited as French people, should they schedule a concert the next time so as not to refuse their visa the day after they submit their application? “, noted a surfer dissatisfied with these privileges.

Other comments underlined the unfairness of this case which exposed the methods of the French consular administration in Morocco where 50% of visas are refused without their file being studied.

It would have had to be a public figure for these flagrant injustices to be exposed to the eyes of Moroccan public opinion and this, without the files – not treated or unfairly treated – being reimbursed.

“So the same services that denied him the via a few days ago suddenly changed their minds after the reasons for the denial suddenly disappeared?” What a circus, “said a surfer in response to the French ambassador to Morocco.

And another to ask if “people should celebrate getting the visa? », underlining the « clumsiness in the communication, coming from an ambassador in addition! “.

Other Internet users preferred to respond with irony. “You are too good, your lordship” to have given him a visa for France. ” God bless you “.

“Well done Excellency. Outstanding gesture,” added another. While some have noted the dysfunction in the message of the ambassador who was pleased to have given a visa to a world famous artist.

“The French ambassador to Morocco is pleased that an internationally known Moroccan artist has been able to obtain his visa for France, the guy has done feats with Damso, is a rap star, but let’s congratulate ourselves on that”.

But the visa granted to Toto when he was initially to be refused, was not to everyone’s taste. “Some rejoice in Olympic medals, scientific prizes, artistic performances… and the Moroccan people should rejoice that the genius of rap toto obtains the VISA… Sorry that it went unnoticed your Excellency. What a humiliation! “.

“It gives express visas to scum, but not to students, teacher-researchers and families with valid reasons for entering France, shame,” indignantly said a surfer.

And another to answer: “Toto does not interest us. It is the visa applications of ordinary Moroccans that matter to us. Refusals for false reasons and you collect the costs despite this refusal. This blackmail is a lack of respect, we hope for a firm response from the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.


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