Giving new impetus to employment

The finance bill (PLF) for the 2023 financial year works to give new impetus to employment, according to the framework note of the said project, sent by the Head of Government to the ministerial departments.

Thus, as part of its integrated and renewable policy in the field of employment and which takes into account the different age groups and the specificities of each field, the government will undertake in 2023 to continue the programs initiated in the framework of its mandate, in particular through the implementation of the “Awrach” program which aims to create some 250,000 jobs, during the years 2022 and 2023.

The government is also committed to encouraging initiatives by young entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector and will continue to implement the “Intelaka” program, in addition to the “Forsa” program consisting of supporting individual initiatives, through support and training throughout the project implementation phases and to grant honorary loans without preconditions.

In application of the High Instructions of HM King Mohammed VI, during his speech on the occasion of the Feast of the Throne, in which the Sovereign stressed the need for the involvement of Moroccan women in all areas with the aim of To improve her situation and offer her prospects for her personal development, the government, in collaboration with all the stakeholders, is working to activate the various constitutional institutions concerned with the rights of the family and women, and to update national mechanisms and legislation to advance their status.

It is also a question of committing to the resolution of malfunctions which hinder the correct and complete application of the provisions of the Family Code. The government will also endeavor to generalize family courts throughout the national territory and to provide them with the qualified human resources and means necessary to accomplish their missions under the required conditions.

According to the framework note, more efforts will be made to raise the economic activity rate of women, by taking measures to give this category of the population more employment opportunities within the framework of the programs ” Awrach” and “Forsa” and in the various sectoral strategies on the one hand and enabling them to overcome the obstacles which hinder their economic integration, on the other hand, in particular in terms of training, social gaps and difficulty in reconciling personal life and professional.

The government pays special attention to Moroccans around the world, given their role in development. It will thus undertake to deploy more efforts aimed at improving their conditions of access to the homeland in the best conditions and to promote the participation of the most qualified Moroccans throughout the world in the implementation of projects and programs of development, which will be a lever to enhance the quality of Morocco’s human capital.

In this sense, the government is committed to implementing the orientations of the New Development Model, by strengthening the effectiveness and efficiency of the institutional system dedicated to Moroccans around the world, by mobilizing its skills in the service of development and influence of Morocco, and by encouraging the investments of Moroccans of the world in the Kingdom via a proactive communication policy, underlines the note.


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