Forest fires: The European Commission launches a risk assessment mechanism

The European Commission (EC) on Friday launched a new pan-European forest fire risk assessment tool, which provides harmonized data allowing a comparable assessment of forest fire risk across countries in the region. .

According to the EC, this mechanism will help the EU, its Member States and other countries in the pan-European region to protect lives and their natural environment. Using data from the past 20 years, the tool provides insight into current structural risks, she says.

The result of collaboration between the Commission and fire specialists from 43 countries, the tool provides an answer to the use of different fire assessment methods used for different territories, which can constitute an obstacle to the assessment risks in certain regions, in particular in those where cross-border fires affect several countries simultaneously, explains the Executive.

At the national level, the tool is likely to help governments and disaster management authorities to integrate risk assessment indicators into prevention, mitigation and preparedness plans, which is “particularly important ” for fire-prone countries.

According to the EC, the fire risk assessment will support EU initiatives such as the Civil Protection Mechanism, the EU Solidarity Fund or the implementation of the Rural Development Regulation in order to identify areas likely to be of medium and high fire risk.

This summer, the European Union has repeatedly mobilized firefighting planes, personnel and helicopters to help Member States and neighboring countries deal with the devastating forest fires through the Civil Protection Mechanism and RescEU .


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