Forest fire "Kodiat Tifour": Judicial investigation to determine the circumstances and the culprits

The King’s Attorney General at the Tetouan Court of Appeal informs public opinion that after being alerted to the fire that broke out on August 15 in the “Kodiat Tifour” forest near M’diq, he instructed the competent judicial police to open an in-depth judicial investigation to determine the circumstances of this incident and identify the culprits.

At this stage of the preliminary investigation, four suspects have thus been arrested, currently in police custody pending the end of the investigation to then decide on the legal proceedings that are necessary in this case, indicates the Attorney General of the King, Tuesday in a press release.

“The prosecution ensures that it is carefully following the stages of the investigations and research carried out by the competent judicial police and will show intransigence and firmness with regard to any person suspected of being involved in this incident, and any other bad action aimed at the destruction of the forest estate in our country and undermining the environmental balance, in addition to the considerable damage affecting people and property,” the statement added.

The same source notes, as a result, that “the public prosecutor will insist in its requisitions before the court on the application of proportional penalties against any person found guilty of these criminal acts”.


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