financing according to the control of the Court of Auditors

The system of governance of public subsidies granted to associations by the circular of the Head of Government has been reorganized. New provisions have been introduced with more prerogatives granted in addition to the legal arsenal governing the granting of public aid.

The recent circular, dated Friday August 12, 2022, from the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, sets out a whole panoply or battery of commitments to which associations must submit, in application of the principles of transparency and good governance. It is in this way that the associations which in the past enjoyed better fortune thanks to the public funding which was intended for them and which the State made available to them through the local authorities or institutions, establishments or public enterprises must now keep accounts in accordance with to the rules in force.

It is also said in the circular that the public aid or donation must be recorded and signed between the beneficiary associations and the donor party. It will determine the nature of the activity or the project of the association which will have the financing, as well as its conformity with the main objectives of the association, as stipulated in the statutes.

Associations, moreover, must keep accounts and draw up annual accounts relating to the use of public aid and submit them to the Court of Auditors before mid-March of the following financial year. It is said that all the original paperwork relating thereto (call for tenders, price, accounting book, advice of receipt, invoices, etc.) must be kept for a period of at least ten years.

At the beginning of this month, the Minister of the Interior had called on municipal, regional, prefectural and provincial councils to respect the legal texts governing the financial support granted to associations, whether it concerns the distribution of aid, support financing or the conclusion of cooperation and partnership agreements. Better the Ministry of the Interior had warned about this by alerting on a tightening of control for associations which benefit from public aid and by summoning them to present an annual financial report duly validated by the Court of Auditors.

Indeed, the Minister of the Interior, Abdelouafi Laftit, had sent a circular to the walis and governors calling on them to distribute the note from the head of government on the way associations should present their annual accounts. The circular, according to a local media which reported the fact, had limited the list of donors to the State, municipalities, public establishments and state companies. As a reminder, the Ministry of the Interior had previously and on several occasions warned associations that violated the law, reserving the right to activate legal and judicial procedures against them.

The press release issued in the circumstances indicated that certain associative bodies, in particular professional ones, published press releases on their activities, whereas they had no legal competence and no respect for the legal provisions, while others had not renewed their directions as required by law. That is to say, if the associative world will have to adapt.

Because in the end, the transformations to come will shake the fundamentals of the sector. It is also the “questioning” of the functions of social cohesion, solidarity and the capacity that we willingly brandished to grant ourselves subsidies that certain associative movements used for other purposes. A little order is good. Seen like that who can’t be a taker, not even free riders.


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