Family code, good neighbours... A political scientist deciphers the speech from the throne

Mustapha Tossa, a Franco-Moroccan journalist and political scientist based in Paris, France, discusses with MoroccoLatestNews the Royal speech on Saturday delivered by King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the 23rd year of his enthronement.

On the Algerian side, Mustapha Tossa deciphers it as follows: “It is a fraternal outstretched hand, of friendship and reconciliation on the part of King Mohammed VI. And since this is not new, we tend to say that the Kingdom is repeating itself in its strategy. Except that in the current context and this is exceptional, Algeria is going through an extremely difficult situation. It maintains ambiguous and antagonistic relations with its neighbours, Spain, France, Libya, Mauritania as well as the Arab world”.

The journalist and political scientist continues in his momentum and explains that ” the fact that Morocco reiterates its outstretched hand policy, embarrasses the Algerian regime in its arm wrestling against Morocco “.

Inevitably, Mr. Tossa will say again, “ there is a moral victory of the Kingdom which advocates reconciliation, good neighborliness and good relations between Algerians and Moroccans”, andt to support the antithesis, while ‘dOn the other hand, the regime in Algiers swears only by escalation, only by tension, only by aggressiveness and the threat of war in the eyes of regional and international opinion. “.

Obviously this forces Algiers to take responsibility and position, he continues, “even if it means surprising his environment”. The message addressed directly to the Algerian president “ puts the latter in the delicate situation of responding to this outstretched hand, even if it means passing for the arsonist on duty in the region “.

As for the Moroccan woman, our interlocutor will say that ” King Mohammed VI grants a very important role to Moroccan women so that they are part of the Kingdom’s development process so that they do not suffer more from marginality than they have suffered for years. It is a royal investment for it to become part of Morocco’s development process. This speech gives him and frames this Moroccan political and strategic societal scheme “.

The economic aspect was not left out, ” the overriding priority of the Moroccan strategy with regard to this aspect is to make Morocco very attractive for foreign investment because these are creations of wealth and jobs and therefore an opening to the world “.

“The King of Morocco in his speech gave his directives for the entire executive to prepare the Kingdom to welcome a maximum of foreign investments in order to benefit from them. “. This is an extremely valuable and extremely winning development strategy for Morocco, says Mr. Tossa, adding that all the more, Morocco “ benefits from an excellent reputation, political stability, manpower, expertise, know-how, and geographical positioning, all assets to make Morocco attractive for foreign investment “.

At the social level, Morocco went through a difficult period during the Covid-19 crisis, but Morocco, through a number of decisions, managed to protect the most fragile populations. During this crisis, some flaws in the Moroccan health system appeared and therefore the Sovereign invested heavily in generalized protection so that no Moroccan citizen was left behind and so that the united State was present”.

Then returning to the major social content of the royal discourse, Mustapha Tossa estimated that “they show to what extent Morocco is committed to social protection to prepare Moroccans effectively for the challenges of development. We cannot be productive if we are not socially protected. It is this model that King Mohammed VI is trying to develop for the good of Moroccans “.


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