Economic and social challenges for the political return in perspective

If the government majority coalition chaired by Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch and President of the National Rally of Independents (RNI) does not seem to waver in reference to the press release that sanctioned the meeting held on Friday July 29, many challenges and constraints are waiting, however, for the “social” and political re-entry that is on the horizon.

In its determination to pursue the implementation of its program, the government will nevertheless have to deal with a number of projects and reforms, ranging from social protection to the framework law relating to the national health system, through the implementation of implementation of the new investment charter, the activation of the Mohammed VI Investment Fund, as well as the reform of the Family Code. These are, among other things, so many issues that constitute the priority for the next political school year. The first expectation of Moroccans, so to speak, is the bill relating to the health system, approved during the ministerial council held in mid-July. It will have to be tackled in an attempt to find one or more appropriate solutions to a certain number of constraints faced by citizens each time they go to health centres.

But it is not just this aspect that must be treated urgently. The same goes for the investment charter, on which our parliamentary representatives have repeatedly insisted on accelerating its implementation in order to increase the profitability of investments and contribute to the economic growth of the Kingdom. This big bet, Asmaa Mehdioui, researcher in public law and political science, dissects it for us, by affirming to MoroccoLatestNews, “ that these projects should materialize, either through the Finance Bill (PLF) for the coming year that the government is preparing, or through the bills and proposals for laws that will be presented to the legislative institution, whether by the government or by another party. The political sensitivities represented in Parliament ».

Asmaa Mehdioui added, in this case that ” the next political entry carries with it social and economic issues that should open up a broad debate between the various players in the political field. On the social level, the strengthening of social protection workshops, a royal request mentioned in the last Speech from the Throne, is one of the important issues to be dealt with, especially since many citizens are waiting for financial and legislative “. Asmaa Mehdioui has in no way concealed this other sensitive file, ” of the Family Code is one of the files, which from its polemic pushes to a strong political debate because of the different visions and references and the multiplicity of the religious, legal and economic premises even of the kind “.

Economically, adds Mehdioui, “ Morocco expects a difficult challenge to maintain or rehabilitate, especially in light of a difficult agricultural campaign and its negative impact on the trade balance, the high budget deficit and the sharp increase in debt. Also the primary concern of the Executive and to mitigate the impact of crises and pitfalls experienced by the Kingdom in particular and the world in general “. Asmaa concluded with this note for the representatives of the nation ” which must interactively reflect the real aspirations of citizens and their needs in these times of global crisis”. This was felt continues the researcher in public law and political science “internally through the continuous rise in prices, in particular those of petroleum products, which have repercussions in all the vital areas of the daily life of the Moroccan “.

According to Mohamed Choucair, political science researcher and military expert, the political return is linked to two main factors, “ the first to the repercussions of the economic and social situation, which is characterized by the exacerbation of the wave of high prices and drought, which impacts the drop in water levels in Morocco “. The ongoing dialogue between the unions and the Ministry of Education on the basic system of educators, as well as the file of contract teachers is not to be outdone according to the researcher. For the latter, ” the political back-to-school will focus on what was said in the royal throne day speech on the welfare system and the implementation of the related framework agreement with investment “.

He further told MoroccoLatestNews that ” Parliament will focus on the ratification of this agreement and its implementation, while the government defines the procedures to complete the implementation of the social register, in addition to working on the preparation of the next Finance Bill ( PLF), relating in its introductory note to the establishment of investment incentives and the implementation of measures to curb the rise in prices “. It is possible, according to Choucair, that the next political year will see an amendment to the government, whether by appointing secretaries of state or by changing certain ministers, and it is expected that a new list of walis and governors will be proposed for appointment to King Mohammed VI”.


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