Drivers ready to hire from the State

In an attempt to regulate the transfer of taxi licenses, the Minister of the Interior, Abdelouafi Laftit, has set conditions and procedures for the smooth running of this process. Indeed, in a circular addressed to the Walis and governors, Laftit noted that the approval remains an administrative authorization and not a property of the holder who can transfer it after his death to the beneficiaries, thus putting an end to this practice which dates back well long time.

Taxi approval is an administrative authorization issued on a nominative basis by gubernatorial decree. In Morocco, when the license holder died, he could be transferred to the ” heirs“, while knowing that it is an administrative document which is not the subject of any transmission.

In order to frame this transfer of approvals, Abdelouafi Laftit indicated in his circular that the approval may be transferred, but subject to the admissibility of the requests, the persons who can present them, as well as the deadlines for their submission.

Among its conditions, Laftit specifies in its circular that the application must be submitted within a maximum period of six months after the death of the holder of the approval, noting that the persons entitled to file this application are widow(er)s without income. or in a situation of material and social precariousness as well as the sons actually exercising the profession of taxi driver before the death of the holder of the approval.

Other people are also entitled to file this request, continues the circular, namely the sons of the holder of the approval in a situation of disability, adult sons, mothers or fathers without income or in a situation of material and social precariousness. .

That said, if the license transfer request comes from other people, Laftit emphasizes in its circular that it should not be followed up, although the applicants meet the other conditions.

Similarly, the Minister of the Interior specified that, upon the death of the holder of the approval, the latter ceases to produce its effects, thus calling on the walis and governors to issue a gubernatorial decree to cancel it, once the death of holder announced.

If the will of the Minister of the Interior is to supervise a sector rather ” anarchic“, the professionals themselves, especially those who do not have approval and who rent it, believe that a dialogue should be opened with them before the imposition of its conditions.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNews, a small taxi driver in the capital, AJ, tells us that most professionals who practice in the field do not have a license and rent it for a minimum of 2,500 dhs per month.

With these new conditions announced by the Interior, ” the professionals would have preferred to have a discussion with the Interior on this subject, to reach an agreement which aims to transfer the approval, which ultimately belongs to the State, to the professionals who rent the approval and who have a trust permit, and pay the amount due to the State “, he says, noting that eventually, “ everyone wins“.

There are taxi drivers who have been working for more than 15 years, but have never been entitled to a licence, while some pass the licenses left and right, to their children, to their cousins, etc. Today, we would have preferred to be able to transfer this approval to practitioners who have spent years in the field, in return for a reasonable sum to be paid to the State each month, as is done with the individual who gives it. for rent. It will make it possible to supervise the sector more, to fight the rent, and to bring in money to the coffers of the State“, he concludes.


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