Dr. Mrabet warns of a "probable wave during the winter season"

The epidemiological situation is currently stable in Morocco. But the Coordinator of the National Center for Public Health Emergency Operations, Dr. Mouad Mrabet, evokes in his latest analysis another ” probable wave during the winter season“.

In a brief comment on the epidemiological situation of the SARS-CoV-2 Infection on August 14, which coincides with the first week of the 4th inter-wave period, Dr. Mrabet indicated that the situation is characterized by continuous improvement of all indicators of contamination, severity and mortality.

Thus, the official at the Ministry of Health explains that the weekly positivity rate decreases from 3.2 to 1.8%, while the reproduction rate (Rt) is 0.85.

In addition, Dr. Mrabet specifies that all regions of Morocco are at the low green level of viral transmission, noting that the number of new cases of serious Covidosis continues its downward trend with 20 new admissions to intensive care and intensive care during the week. August 8 to 14 compared to 61 last week.

Regarding deaths due to Covid-19, the official at the Ministry of Health specifies that their weekly number is also decreasing with 12 deaths this week, and whose average age is 74 years old. He thus specified that all these deceased persons had comorbidities, including 7 unvaccinated, 4 vaccinated with two doses and another vaccinated with three doses, the last of which dates back to 7 months.

To conclude. Dr. Mrabet points out that the current inter-wave period will be characterized by low viral circulation of the virus, but most likely to a higher degree than the inter-wave III period.

The official at the Ministry of Health thus invited the vulnerable population (elderly and/or with chronic disease(s)), to complete the vaccination schedule (booster and booster), before alerting on the arrival of ‘a ” another wave very likely during the winter season“. He thus called on symptomatic subjects to consult quickly, self-isolate and take their treatment early and correctly.


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