Contrary to rumors, support for the benefit of professionals maintained

After the timid decline observed in fuel prices, a rumor has circulated among transport professionals that the aid allocated by the government is suspended and the fifth installment cancelled. Information denied this Wednesday by the Ministry of Transport and Logistics.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNews, an official from the Ministry of Transport and Logistics said that the government is preparing to open registrations for road transport professionals to benefit from the fifth tranche of support. The date of registration will be announced soon in a communication that the ministry will issue in this regard, he said.

Regarding the maintenance of this financial support for road transport professionals, launched last March, the official at the Ministry of Transport stressed that ” this exceptional support allocated by the government to professionals in the sector aims mainly to preserve the purchasing power of citizens by reducing the effects of rising fuel prices on the cost of transport and by ensuring the continuity of road transport operations”, noting that “all efforts are currently directed towards the preparation of a fifth tranche of exceptional support”.

The Ministry’s clarifications on this subject come in the light of the request made by road transport professionals to increase the value of the support and maintain its payment until the price of diesel reaches 7 dirhams, as the have declared to MoroccoLatestNews several union officials. They even argued that ” the fall in prices to 14 dirhams/litre does nothing to remedy the extent of the financial pressure they are bearing ».

Furthermore, trade unions in the road transport sector have confirmed on several occasions that professionals encounter many problems in the process of registering for obtaining support, and that some of them have not even received the first installments of this aid.

In this regard, the Ministry provided clarification to MoroccoLatestNews, emphasizing that all professionals whose vehicles meet the eligibility conditions are allowed to benefit from the support. A set of measures have therefore been taken in this direction by the ministry and which mainly result in the creation of a technical unit made up of civil servants and executives from the Road Transport Department and the Information Systems Department which take care of receiving professionals and notifying and then dealing with the difficulties they face when registering.

The Ministry has also made available to them the possibility of communicating via a call center and e-mail, in order to provide them with remote assistance and advice in the use of the platform and to accompany them in the completion of the project. recording of data, specifies our source at the ministry.

As part of the granting of the first tranche of support launched last March, the official at the Ministry of Transport specified that among the 180,000 vehicles targeted by the support process, no less than 168,000 vehicles were registered in the platform, i.e. 93.38%.


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