Closing of the Open Days for the benefit of MREs

The Open Days of the National Society of Radio and Television (SNRT), held from August 8 to 10, for the benefit of Moroccans around the world, on the occasion of the celebration of the National Day of the Moroccan Community Abroad , were closed on Wednesday with a visit by MRE journalists and those working in the field, in order to inform them of the technological and digital advances undertaken by the National Society to promote the public audiovisual service in Morocco.

The presentations presented by SNRT officials to the participants thus focused on the place occupied by the public audiovisual center within the Moroccan audiovisual landscape, as a reference and a key player, which offers a television, radio and digital service. diversified giving it a place of first choice, and the most influential media medium.

During a visit to the Information Department of the “Al Aoula” TV channel, to the Radio Information Department and to the Tlemsani studio designed for the broadcasting of programs and news, MRE journalists were able to inform of the commitments incumbent on the SNRT as a public audiovisual service of reference, in particular in terms of the implementation of its strategic objectives, called upon to constantly renew by integrating technological and digital advances and by being in harmony with new modes of consumption audiovisual.

Explanations were also provided to them concerning the National Society’s projects relating to the generalization of digital terrestrial television (DTT), the acquisition of
production developed in order to keep pace with technological developments, to the improvement of communication networks between the various broadcasting points, to the creation of a network of channels broadcast in high definition (HD), to the use modern newsrooms (News Room) and the consolidation of digital services through the launch of a series of applications used by young people and Moroccans residing abroad, while strengthening its presence on social networks.

SNRT officials also underlined that the national institution has been extending its services digitally for several years, through the implementation of multi-screens, multi-supports and multi-platforms, with a view to to be in tune with modern developments and mutations and offer a diversified service to Moroccans inside the Kingdom and abroad, given the importance of digital solutions and the role they play, as essential pillar to increase the audience rate and translate the complementarity between linear television and digital audiovisual content.

In this respect, MRE journalists took note of the SNRT digital information platform “” and the work done to ensure its presence on social networks, in addition to the “SnrtLive” broadcasting platform, available on Smartphones, tablets, SmartTV and on the Web, which offers live streaming of 7 television channels and 15 national and regional radio channels and which uses the “Timeshifting” functionality, which allows you to catch up to 6 hours of TV programs .

They were also informed of the “Botola” platform, the first and only official platform dedicated to the Moroccan football championship, as well as the digital presence of major programs such as “Lalla Laaroussa” and “Stand up”. through exclusive content via social networks and mobile applications.

The agenda for this visit also included SNRT’s future projects and the importance it attaches to this essential component of Moroccan society, and its readiness to pursue its public service missions to satisfy the information, culture, education and entertainment needs, and to strengthen its leading position in terms of audience ratings and digital distribution techniques, among other things, in addition to developing a diversified public offering , characterized by locally anchored proximity programming.


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