Chichaoua: Cataract surgery caravan for the benefit of more than 5,000 people

A cataract surgery medical caravan, initiated from August 10 to 15 by the Al-Bassar International Foundation, will benefit more than 5,000 people from different municipalities in the province of Chichaoua.

Organized in partnership with the Regional Directorate of Health and Social Protection of Marrakech-Safi, the King Salman Center, the Al Youssr Imintanout Association and the local authorities, this social initiative mobilized a medical staff made up of 35 doctors , nurses and volunteers who will perform some 500 surgical procedures.

This civic action is also marked by the performance of 3,000 biological and radiological assessments, the distribution of 1,000 medical glasses and 3,000 units of medication, and the organization of 15 awareness workshops.

For Abdelali Benjelloun, President of the Al-Bassar International Foundation, “this caravan aims to fight against diseases that are likely to cause blindness, through surgery, consultations, awareness and exchange experiences between the local medical staff and that of the caravan (composed of Pakistani and Sudanese doctors)”.

This initiative, the 4th of its kind organized by the Foundation in the province of Chichaoua since 2010, he added, made a stopover in Tahanouat, will go to Tiznit then Taroudant, as part of a program developed by the Foundation. aimed at contributing to the efforts of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in the fight against cataracts.

For his part, Mohamed Chakri, director of the Mohammed VI provincial hospital in Chichaoua, praised the exemplary organization of this caravan, indicating that this initiative “is part of the objectives of the strategy of the Ministry of Health and social protection in the area of ​​bringing health services closer to populations in landlocked regions.

It makes it possible to detect people suffering from cataracts and cases requiring urgent intervention, thus facilitating access to care and sparing disadvantaged local populations the need to travel to other cities in a province renowned for the predominance of rural areas, a- he said.

It should be noted that during its stopover in Tahanaout (province of Al-Haouz), the caravan made it possible to carry out 551 surgical acts and 3,185 biological and radiological assessments, as well as the distribution of 1,217 medical glasses.


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